Man vs Wild Show or PM Narendra Modi’s Talk Show

Roaming around the wild and taking a ride on a bush boat in the cold river of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, were some of the things showcased by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Adventures lover Bear Grylls. From meeting Grylls on a road track in Jungle to drinking tea in the rain, Modi spoke about the vacation he took after 18 years.

As the promotion of the show went on air, everyone was excited for the episode as it was the first time an Indian PM was going for any adventure. The show started with full fledge rhythm of Man v/s Wild, and every fan of the show as well as Modi and Grylls expected some adventures and wildlife. However, as soon as the show picked up its time notion, it started to look like a talk show.

Grylls asked about the life experiences, aspirations, inspirations and life phases of Modi which turned the show into more like Mann Ki Baat of PM Modi. It was all about PM Modi’s life rather than the wild diversity of Uttarakhand National Park.

To maintain the decorum of the show PM Modi and Grylls roamed around the jungles and in the river Ram Ganga. It would have been a good episode if it was a talk show. But, audiences were lurking around for the adventure they were expecting that night on discovery channel.

The only good part was the Advertisement based on conservation of wildlife and ideas generating a call and even in that PM Modi gets in the spotlight through the App. PM Modi always work on the cause dear to his heart – Conservation and Cleanliness. This aspect certainly was there, not in the episode but in the Advertisement.

One thing is evident that either it is Modi’s power or his aura, that wherever he goes, he becomes the centre of limelight. Even in the show of Bear Grylls, he was the one who stood out.

We can’t deny the fact that in the entire episode conservation and cleanliness was there, cleanliness from adventures and conservation of PM. As they say, everyone/ everything you meet has something to teach you, so does this episode. It showed us how diversified, beautiful and incredible is our Indian biodiversity. Better to save it now than regret later.

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