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Incredible Story Of John Martyn Memorial School, Uttarakhand

Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, the John Martyn Memorial School provides primary education from Kindergarten up to class five for the children of nearby villages. These children, many from impoverished families, are being given a this tremendous opportunity to have the first five years of schooling in an enlightened educative and nurturing environment. The school only goes up to class 5 since it was in these critical early years that, in the opinion of the founder, the greatest need exists. When they pass out of class V, they endeavor to get children admitted into mainstream English Medium Schools such as The Doon School, Welham Girl’s School, St. Joseph’s Academy e.t.c., offer special financial support to complete their secondary education and help in getting bursaries.


The students are exposed to a bilingual (Hindi/English) education that ensures a firm grounding in standard worldwide subjects for classes of Kindergarten up to class five. Extracurricular subjects include sports, library activities, music, computing, drama, handicrafts, yoga, health and hygiene instruction.

Staff of John Martyn Memorial School

Currently headed by Mrs. Savitri Narayanan, School is supported entirely by voluntary donations, was founded by the late Mady Martyn in memory of her husband, John Martyn, who devoted many of his professional years to education in India. The John Martyn Memorial Trust provided the initial funding for the school, which was used for the land purchase and subsequent buildings. The day-to-day overhead expenses of the school and educational costs for each child are partially covered by donations from concerned individuals in India and abroad. Individual donors also provide a midday snack to the children of milk and protein biscuits, doctors and dentists hold annual medical and dental health camps in the school, and benefactors provide financial assistance to meritorious children deserving a more specialised education beyond the school’s class five limit.

Visit this wonderful School’s website and get involved as well as extend your share of donation by clicking Here!

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