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Vijay Goel – The MLA No Constituency Should Ever Elect

To run a nation successfully while maintaining peace and integrity among its people is actually a challenging task. Political party and politicians have a significant role to perform in this task. Many politicians had set examples as to how an ideal politician should be. However, talking about the other side of the coin, we have politicians who have set an example of how a politician shouldn’t be. One such politician from BJP is Vijay Goel.

Recently, to seek the attention from media and to create controversy among people, BJP leader Vijay Goel stood against the odd-even scheme of the Delhi government by travelling in an odd-numbered car on even day and paid the fine of rupees 4,000 for defying it.

He accused the government of doing nothing and failing in controlling many social and environmental aspects of the state. Among those aspects, failing to control pollution in Delhi is held the central point of accusation. According to Mr Goel, the government introduced the odd-even scheme with some political agenda and defined this introduction as ‘ political stunt ‘.

In an interaction with media Goel pointed towards AAP government and said “They were supposed to plant 1.5 lakh plants. They haven’t planted any. For five years, you do nothing and then wake up and declare odd-even”?As per Mr Goel view, odd-even can help to reduce pollution by only 1-2 per cent, therefore it is a baseless and irrelevant approach of the government in curbing the pollution.

In a word to word interaction with Mr Gahlot, transport minister of Delhi, Goel questioned about the reasons behind the declaration of odd-even when the ruling government of the State admitted the fact that one of the major factors for increased levels of pollutants is stubble burning in neighbouring states.

To which Mr Gahlot responded by saying ” We have requested the government with stubble burning. Moreover, if 50% of cars don’t play on the roads, then at least some amount of pollution will be reduced”.

Although, after the unnecessary attempts, he headed towards Delhi Deputy Chief Minister’s residence (Mr Manish Sisodia) on the bicycle along with the other party leaders carrying crop residues to protest against stubble burning.

Goel had even gone to the extreme of accusing that internal sources in Delhi are responsible for air pollution.

Nevertheless, don’t you think that every tiny step for the reduction of pollution level in Delhi is an essential measure because every small action will ultimately contribute to a major change. Delhi government is working on various other ways as well to maintain the level of pollutants. However, even under challenging circumstances, political leaders never fail to put their self-interest prior before anything. Instead of cooperation, they look for opposing the actions taken by the government and creating controversies.

It’s time to show unity as this is a severe issue because the health of both people and the environment are at risk, and in these circumstances, every small measure counts.

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