5 Unconventional Travel Hacks You Need To Know

When travelling becomes an obsession, you tend to travel quite a lot. If so, why not make your life a bit at ease while travelling. Few steps to cross and you can make a better travelling experience. Here are five travel hacks to help you.

#Download Google Maps and use offline by typing in “OK Map.”

A lifesaver hack of many travellers, the only thing you need is enough space on your phone. You can simply download Google Maps to browse offline on mobile, even when you don’t have an Internet connection. You just need to go on the map to the area you want to save, then type “OK map” into the search and press Download.

#Download Google Translate for use offline.

Language is always an issue while travelling. It’s different when you are travelling within the country, but when you move outside, if you are less aware of the local languages, you are unknowingly calling for trouble. So it is handy to have Google Translate loaded and ready. However, you might think doesn’t it require internet. Well, here is a simple trick you can use; download the Google Translate app, then go to Settings and choose “Offline Translation”. From there, you can download different languages. Isn’t it one of the lifesaver hacks?

#Find WiFi passwords on FourSquare

FourSquare is a website/app where people share tips, ratings and reviews on places to go near you. For example, you needn’t wander around trying to find a suitable restaurant/cafe/bars when all that is available at a simple click. The most beneficial part of this website is the “Tips” section where people can leave helpful recommendations for others, and it’s often here that you’ll find the WiFi password for places. So, if you need WiFi in a pinch, you can quickly get it from Foursquare.

#Download an app that shows you all the WiFi passwords

WiFi Map is an app wherein it shows you the passwords to different WiFi networks. The best part is that they’re organised on a map so you can quickly find out the ones closest to you. However, some users have a complaint that the passwords shown are outdated, yet it is helpful just in case.

#Carry baby powder

Yes, you will know the magic of baby powder–it is incredible for freshening up. If you are travelling during the summer, after a long day of the journey, your sandals/shoes and your leg will smell like a rotten egg. Use some baby powder, and you can quickly get rid of the foul smell.

Hope these hacks will help you on your next trip. After all, what more is better than making your travel a bit more enjoyable and relaxing.

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