Uzma Ahmed Is All Set To Make Her Bollywood Debut

India’s Daughter Uzma Ahmed, who was allegedly forced by a Pakistani man to marry him at gunpoint and rescued by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who helped her return home to India on 25th May, 2017, is gearing up for her Bollywood debut with a film titled ‘Kashi to Kashmir’ which reveals issues faced by Kashmiri Pandits nowadays and how the youth are misguided and discriminated, and how a terrorist group manipulates the youth against the nation. Addressing a press conference, Uzma said, “When the director narrated the story to me, I felt touched as it’s a very sensitive topic and most importantly it’s related to the nation. I decided to go for the movie.”

Kashmiri Pandits who faced ethnic cleansing at the hands of radical Islamists and Pakistan sponsored militancy were kicked out from their own homes as the then State government failed to protect them. They were abandoned to their fate, stranded in their own homes, encircled by rampaging mobs. Through the frenzied shouts and blood-curdling sloganeering of the assembled mobs, Pandits suffered the wrath of being the minority in Kashmir. Although a small number of Pandit families chose to stay behind and no one really knows their present situation in the state. On this Uzma said, “We’ll portray their story as well. How’s their life, what pain are they going through.”

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Uzma fought a brief legal battle in Pakistan against Tahir Ali whom she earlier met in Malaysia and then travelled to meet him in Pakistan. It was then when she came to know about Ali’s 4 children from the previous marriage. Later, Tahir Ali allegedly forced her into marrying him in Pakistan. However, Uzma managed to approach the Indian High Commission for help. “Every girl should think twice before going to any unknown places especially when it comes to Pakistan. Sometimes we happen to trust everybody and everything. So it’s a request to every woman to use their sense before taking any decision. You may never know what fate you may encounter. India is a better and safe place to live in”, Uzma said.

“If someone is trapped over there, try to connect to The Indian Embassy. I also did the same. They are really helpful”. I would like to get connected to NGOs who help those girls. But it will take time as I just got over with the battle and want to move step by step”, quoted Uzma. Speaking about the hope of lasting peace in Kashmir and the youth being misled, Uzma said, “Education is very important to overcome these issues. Government is also trying its best to solve the Kashmir issue once for all. Peace should be there for sure. That is my prayer for them. I don’t want to go in the political viewpoint regarding this matter.”

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