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In this busy running world, we focus on our self-growth, family safety and secured life. However, have we ever thought of helping/doing something for someone who is struggling to lead a daily life? As an individual living in this society, do we hold any responsibility to do so?

“YES!” says the MBA graduated, Miss Nikita Ajwani and Mr Rohit Roy. They were just like every other MBA students who had a dream of an exciting career, highly paid job and a cosy office cabin. However, this dream of theirs had a slight twist to it–as they also had a desire to be a helping hand in this society. In 2016, the tale began with the thoughts of “Let’s Help Some1”(LHS).

Let’s dig the story out from the aspiring and inspiring young Miss Nikita Ajwani and Mr Rohit Roy.

1. Tell us something about your background. What made you choose this path?

Nikita: Rohit and I completed our MBA together in SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore. During the study, we had a short, socially relevant project wherein each student had to work with an NGO. After we successfully completed our project, we had this in mind that, we too need to do something for the society but had no clue what exactly to do and how.

2. Why only the idea of an NGO for Thalassemia patients?

Nikita: In 2016, when we were in Varanasi, I met a lot of Thalassemia patients. As I belong to the Sindhi community and I knew Thalassemia prevails in our community too much. That is when we saw the troubles of these people and thought of doing something for them.

Let's Help Someone
Source: LHS Website

3. Many are waiting to hear out what is “Let’s help someone”. Please brief us about the same.

Nikita: We established LHS- Let’s Help Someone as NGO and started with some minor activities. In 2017, the registration of LHS has been done, geared up and conducted multiple events in Hyderabad, Varanasi, Bangalore and Pune.

As Rohit, works in Novartis Hyderabad, he manages his time in conducting events in Hyderabad where we recently had an event on November 14th, January 28th with blood donation camps, skits on Thalassemia. We are also associated with Google, Hyderabad, partnered and supported a Sindhi club in Varanasi

Rohit: We also gave talks in DMMV college, Varanasi, St Francis, Hyderabad, CMR law college -Bangalore, Symbiosis Pune.

4. How do you guys balance your work-life and also NGO?

Rohit: Though we had many roadblocks, I think when we like to do something, we always find time for it–Be it a weekday or weekend.

Plus working for LHS is something that we do round the clock. We discuss ideas, plans, events through calls and chat. So, even though we are at work, there is LHS that keeps running behind. It does not seem like additional work for us.

5. How about your support from family, friends and NGO family?

Rohit: Family & Friends- We have received great support from our relatives, friends and family. That is the only reason; we can say we are moving ahead positively since 2017.

NGO family- We have around 50+ interns and volunteers like students, our friends, colleagues, a family that help us in events. As we hire interns through websites like internshala.com, it helps us a lot.

Let's Help Someone
Source: LHS Website

We have admin staff, HR person who helps us in managing things, create online posts, working on interview calls, providing certificates.

Media- We are reaching out to media houses to cover us, especially on social media.

6. For an NGO, to run positively, funds are a significant chunk. How do you manage them? Do you get any funds from the government?

Rohit: We neither have a sponsor or a fixed set of donors yet. It’s our income, friends/family funds, online crowdfunding that help us keep going.

The government does support Thalassemia patients. The patients recently got covered under persons with disability acts. Now they will be able to avail medicines and blood free of cost according to different state provisions. Recently, the UP government is setting up centres for such patients in different cities. To get funds from a foreign company, the organisation should complete a minimum of 3 years.

7. In what way, can you describe LHS different from other NGOs and what message would you like to give?

Rohit: We have a very different working system. Some organisations only work for awareness and welfare of patients. Some others help patients to enjoy life by organising fun events. So, here we are a combination of both.

Nikita: Thalassemia is a preventable disorder, and just by being aware, one can protect his/her family from this. Hence, we would tell people to check their HPLC test done before marriage. Many countries made it mandatory, and we hope INDIA does it soon.

“ Give your hands to serve,
And Hearts to Love – Mother Teresa”

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