Thrissur Pooram – Kerala Celebrated The Festival In Lockdown Mode

In the history of Thrissur Pooram, this is the fourth time it has been canceled; the Thekkinkadu ground, the main venue of Thrissur Pooram, wore a deserted look on Saturday. The nationwide lockdown has taken away many of the energizing, colorful festivals of the year, and to this list, Kerala‘s Thrissur Pooram is also now added. There were no caparisoned elephants, colorful processions, breathtaking fireworks, or sea of humans dancing to the frenzying rhythm of the traditional ‘ilanjithara melam’ (percussion orchestra).

The pooram ended without the fanfare and extravaganza, with just a few basic rituals performed on the premises of the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples with not more than five people. The organisers had earlier decided to keep festivities out of the pooram this time due to the lockdown. The flag-hoisting ceremony was also in a subtle affair.

On April 2, the Paramekkavu Bhagavathy was taken for arat after Malar nivedyam and Usha puja and returned following the arat. Percussion maestro Peruvanam Kuttan Marar who had been leading the majestic orchestra for the last few years accompanied the diety with chenda. The priests also led the tantric rituals at the Thiruvambadi temple.

However, the vibrant beats of idakka, maddalam, kombu, and shanku would have reverberated the hearts of true pooram lovers.

Usually, lakhs of people across the globe gather to witness the Thrissur pooram to enjoy the pomp of the festival, which lasts for five days.

The grand final ceremony of ‘upacharam cholli piriyal’ were the goddesses of Thiruvambady, and Paramekavu says farewell to each other promising to meet again next year also was in silence. Typically this parting is followed by the grand firework display that is known worldwide. After the firework, the crowd enjoys the delicious poorakanji before bidding adieu to the Thekkinkadu maidan. However, this time nothing of that sort happened, and in the silence of customary ritual, the Thrissur pooram came to an end.

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