Liquor Fee To Support Delhi Government’s Revenue Crisis

The worst nightmare of every alcoholic has come true; all thank to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who imposed 70 per cent of “Corona Fee” on liquor starting from April 5.

This means a liquor bottle with a maximum retail price or pre-tax MRP of Rs 1,000 will now cost Rs 1,700 in the capital city.

Calling the new taxa “special corona fee” the Delhi Government in a late-night order on April 4, said the police should allow the liquor shops to remain open from 9 am to 6:30 pm.

This move will boost the Government’s revenue that has been struck by the coronavirus pandemic forced lockdown. The decision was first considered at a cabinet meeting Chaired by Kejriwal on Monday morning itself.

The liquor shops were permitted to operate on the first day after almost 40 days of lockdown was announced on March 24, which moved into its third phase with ease on restrictions. AAP Government has permitted to open 150 state-run liquor shops outside the coronavirus containment zones.

Liquor In Delhi Now Comes With 70% "Special Corona Fee"
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On April 3, Kejriwal stated that the economy and earning of the state government had been walloped. Citing revenue figures, he said the Delhi government earned Rs 3,500 crore in April 2019, but was only able to Rs 300 crore in April this year.

Currently, only standalone liquor shops in non-containment areas are permitted to operate in the capital city.

As per the reports, on Monday morning, snaking queues were seen in front of liquor shops without following the social distancing guidelines making the task of officials challenging.

Following the announcement of new “Coronavirus tax” experts both criticized and praised on the revenue and whether this is the best way to handle the long queues outside shops.

The news has inspired meme-makers to take it all on social media.

Furthermore, the Kejriwal made it clear that if the social distancing norm outside the shop is not followed, it will be sealed.

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