‘BOIS LOCKER ROOM’ – The Mess Of Indian Youth

Buzz… Buzz.. and Buzz… that is what our social media is giving us. The network to connect people, to peep into each other life, to contact the friends who were separated once and many more positive things. However, today’s youth might have much more to give to social media than to enjoy it positively.

Yes, You got it right, the internet-breaking Hashtag after COVID-19, Bois Locker Room is something to put eyes on and to understand as well that looking onto what your kids under the age of 18 years are doing or surfing on the internet. This checking by some guardian is not breaking their privacy. Instead, every guardian and parent must look at what they are giving to society via their children. Your child is a citizen of a nation, and his or her deed directly will impact the country and other innocent civilians indirectly or directly.

It is shocking to see what today’s youth is putting their life hours into. This famous Bois locker room story is all over the internet, and we know what exactly it is. This is a cascade of online chats between a group of South Delhi teens (school going brat boys) sharing photos of underage girls and making lewd comments, and it all went viral.

Parents are worrying over it, girls are sharing it, responsible citizens of our society are making comments on it, but who will understand the loophole behind all this?

After the locker room chat was shared by one of the victims, the Delhi Commission for Women took suo moto cognizance on the case on Monday and sent notices to Delhi Police and Instagram asking them to file a report also take action by May 8.

Delhi Police Cyber Cell files an First Information Report (FIR) against unidentified persons under Sections of the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act.

Things are taken care of as now, but the question is- What is a permanent solution, where are we lacking? What are we giving or educating our youth? Are these youth the ones who will represent India in the future?

Their chats show what kind of freaking mentality they have for girls; What they exactly think about their opposite gender. Bois Locker Room conversation reveals a shocking possible reality, that these youth can be one among future rapist, womanizer, assaulters, and much more.

The unfortunate part to see that these are the so-called future youth of India; they will treat a woman like a sex toy, describe her body for their joy, assault her as the way they want. Yet, they don’t have any fear in their eyes, guilt in their hearts and minds, no sense of wrong and right.

Bois locker room is not only a group running on a social media platform, but they are also many more groups, pages like this on which no action has been taken. Bois locker room gets hyped because of victim complained about it, but what about the other same mentality group running around what sick thought process people are developing in our country. What will we do?

Will we play blame game again, again the same discussion of skimpy clothes, over freedom for girls, hanging out with boys and getting drunk and much more norms and so-called society standards.

Meanwhile, a new tangent that comes up to this Instagram story that one of the women who had initially outed the group has had her old conversations leaked, which shows sexualizing a man and using homophobic and misogynistic language. Besides, the woman mocking the differently-abled people as well.

Questions and laws: It is simply not just the problem of law, action, or not even about the strict punishment – it is a case of sick mentality, poor guidance, orthodox pessimistic thoughts, and much more social evils like this. We need to understand, whether it is of a boy or a girl, sexualizing, harassing, assaulting anyone is not anybody’s right.

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