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The Decline Of Literature Is The Decline Of A Nation

It has been rightly said, “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

From time immemorial, literature has been one of the most powerful tools to shape the opinions and perceptions of an individual. Seems to be a boring scripture with tiny words embedded on it, but it is the only magical medium which has brought the world to the stage of massive advancement and achievements.

Literature has always been a feast among the elite and educated. Furthermore, people have always engrossed in literature and its study from the ancient period. It is always looked with great respect and value even more than any gold possessions. The verses of the books were read, enchanted and memorised in different manners to grow as an individual.

Literature comprises of various forms such as short writings, novels, fiction or non-fiction, thrillers, biographies and more. The less time to explore, so more writing works is an unfortunate affair. However, one should not debar himself to jump into the fantasy of letters from their monotonous life. A recent study itself showed that one who reads more lives more.

Reading literature not only helps to improve analytical skills but also to relieve stress. It nurtures one’s social skills, learning ability and helps to reduce the racial biases.

However, the question imposed by many intellectuals is that, where do literature and its study lead to. The technological advancements and discoveries are based on science, which depends on the experiments and empirical evidence. Thus, the study of the compositions and literary texts has always been questioned and looked with an evil eye. Even so, they forget that the new inventions for which they have become capable of are only the by-product of the basic principles and the theories which they have studied in the texts.

Modern Era
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Modern Era and Literature

Sadly, the students of the present generation are dismissive of literature. They are not into finding the latest books in the workshops or spending their pocket-money to read the admired pieces. However, they are ready to devote their valuable time and eyes in their cell phone limitlessly. Today’s youth doesn’t want to expand their horizons and peek into their history, but can tirelessly post comments on Facebook and Instagram for short-term pleasures.

If the young minds don’t get into the habit of reading and analysing their literature, the nation will soon perish in terms of its richness and creativity. The lack of expansion of mindset and change in outlook becomes a definite result of the death of the knowledge of our scriptures. If reading is not being encouraged among the fresh blood from their childhood, literature will soon become stale, and the nation will lose its breath shortly.

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