“The Liberty to Fantasie” – theme of Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

For the ones who want to feel lost in an entirely different world of magic, then The Jaipur Literature Fest is your destination. Historians, writers, authors, politicians, business leaders, sports person and entertainers, all together under one roof, Jaipur Literature Festival.

JLF had the first opening in 2006 with only 20-40 guests turning up. 2007 had enough to fill the Diggi Durbar Hall, the place where the festival was held. While 500 came in 2008 and 2016 witnessed over half a million footfalls. The past decade has witnessed this festival grow into the world’s greatest literature free event. With 1300 speakers and welcoming 1.2 million book lovers, this big hit has been bewildering and exhilarating.

Jaipur Litrature Festival Crowd 2017
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‘The extravagant triumph, the literature manifestation on earth turns 10. ‘Successfully completing ten years, events like these provide life-changing opportunities for the people across India and world to learn and exchange ideas with abreast literary personas.

A festival of mind and ideas for oversaw an array of events full of zeal and enthusiasm.’All about voices’ – A session held by eminent Lyricist and Poet, Gulzar with American Poet, Anne Waldman. Gulzar while discussing, told the audience the question he often would ask himself, ” If I didn’t write, would it make a difference to the world?” While Anne recited her verse and gave a “shout out to all the children, sisters and women marching towards Washington.” It’s thus a meeting place of intellectuals, and free thought like Donald Trump Presidency and the Indian government politics turn up and are discussed.

Jaipur Litrature Festival 2017
Source: Jaipur Litrature Festival

An author, politician, diplomat Shashi Tharoor was also a guest, seen in conversation with Michael Dwyer emphasising on ‘Remembering the Raj’ – about the British rule in India. Mr. Tharoor also laid stress on the fact that ‘Face history as history and leave the past as the past.’

Padma Vibhushan was also seen in the 6-day long event, who has proven his steadfast belief in union of life’s two greatest power – Love and Music. Events such as ‘The Colour of Money’, ‘The Art of Rivalry’ and many book launches were also seen taking place.

The exceptional poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar famous seen presenting the view on ‘After the angry young man, the traditional women, what?’

Jaipur Litrature Festival Javed Akhtar
Source: Jaipur Litrature Festival

An amalgamation of both the world and India, for example when there was a session for the lovers of Sanskrit and Indian Ancient World, also there was an elaborate discussion on ISIS, Iraq, Syria, etc.

Lyricist Parson Joshi presented his view on the lasting power of ideas and perception, the intellectual power and was accompanied by director and youth activist, Puneeta Roy.

Jaipur Litrature Festival Prasoon Joshi
Source: Jaipur Litrature Festival

Speaking of important British literature history, an extraordinarily insightful session by Suzannah Lipscomb about the confused yet passionate love between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as this led to the rise of Protestants along with Swapan Dasgupta.

Scholars – Pushpesh Pant and Bibek Debroy examined ‘The Puranas’, pivotal to the understanding of traditional Hindu beliefs. Poetry recitation was also an enjoyable activity by two sides of the world, Anne Waldman and Swanand Kirkire.

Many famous personalities including actor, Rishi Kapoor; author Vikrum Chandra and Man Booker Prize Winner Mr. Paul Beauty were spotted in the event.

Jaipur Litrature Festival Rishi Kapoor
Source: Jaipur Litrature Festival

Not only book reading and talk shows, but also a number of musical events were also seen during the entire event of the festival like ‘Music Stage’ and many more.

Thus by such an event, Jaipur Literature Fest, the spirit of literature is rekindled in the era of the digital lifestyle.

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