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Can Stars Lead Us To A World Unknown?

Everything has its beauty, but not that everyone sees it. It may sound funny, however, there is a vast difference between merely looking at something and seeing it real. Similarly, just hearing and passionately listening to someone are two sides of a coin. Even though hearing and listening are unilateral, listening is more of deliberate action. People do “hear” the birds chirping in the morning, but do not care enough to stop and “listen” to Mother Nature.

We do not always need the adventure to spice things up in our lives; words and gestures can make a big difference. An exotic vacation can be relaxing, but the smile of your loved one can give you eternal peace. Epiphany does not make our lives great. The important thing is to know what happiness truly is and where to find it.

The night sky is filled with stars that flicker, bringing sparks of lightning breaking through it. If we stare at it for a long time, it appears that maybe it is talking to us.

The famous painting “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh depicts whirling clouds, shining stars and a bright crescent moon that describes a perfectly beautiful night. Stars, since ancient times, are a symbol of inspiration and joy. They spark something inside us, which was long lost or hidden. When we stare into infinity, we realize that there are bigger things to worry about.

The Starry Night
Source: Wikipedia

Stars are like the beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world. It’s captivating how a bright twinkler shining in the sky can cause such a strong feeling of satisfaction in a person. Space is a vast body, stretching out till infinity. It is terrifying yet fascinating, seeming like it could swallow you. It also could hold you tight and whisper the words of comfort and peace- It’s wondrous, almost magical.

We can only wonder how it felt like to forget our worries in the mysterious silence of our thoughts that lead us to infinity, which is so peaceful, calm and quiet. The milky speckles twirling and dancing along the sky never fail to remind us that life isn’t just about existing; it’s about finding who we indeed are.

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