Talent On Sensation: From Saloni Gaur To Nazma Aapi

We all have a big power nowadays which we call the INTERNET. A mere data of 1.5 GB can change anyone’s life. This internet can make you star in one night, or trending and nowadays it can make you the new challenging competitive sensation called INTERNET SENSATION. Social media is proving out to be a key factor in anyone’s journey who want to start a startup or want to be an actor or wants to be a trending hashtag or want to showcase your hidden talent. For all the above mentioned, what you need is the internet and talent. From this internet generation, one name came out in the limelight with full positive energy and that is of a Delhi University 20 years old graduation student, Saloni Gaur. The girl in her early age is trending on the internet, not because of some negative energy rather because of her videos on social issues that she makes.

Nazma Aapi aka Saloni Gaur’s Instagram and Twitter handle bio says “I stare at people and make them feel super awkward”, which is quite funny depicting the girl story of funny videos. From Salma talks to back bitching of people, from caring of children to giving instructions to her husband, Nazma Aapi is nailing it in every video. Big sensation came up when she talked about the political and current issues happening — from the ongoing protests against CAA/NRC and the poem of great Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s called as ‘Hum Dekhenge’. She even came out with a video on actor Deepika Padukone showing up at Jawaharlal Nehru University to show solidary with the students. The best part of the video is the humour with which Nazma Aapi created the video by saying “Waise mazze toh tab aate jab woh Ranveer ke Saath aati, woh banda aisa hai ki pedh par chadh chadkar kar naare lagata.”

What makes her stand out in this comedy population is she did it with full humour, but not at the expense of anyone or any line of thought. She is like a current affair chart because she has video of all current happening around specifically Delhi like she talks about how she went with her children to the book fair and asked a shopkeeper for a copy of the Constitution. However, she changed her mind when the latter said, ‘kya karoge Samvidhan lekar, value toh rahi nahi?’. In this way, she cracked the punch line and sent the message as well without humiliating anyone.

She also came up a video on Delhi Pollution keeping the capital in mind, a few days back. In the viral video, we can see a Saloni ranting about Delhi pollution and believe it or not you can’t stop laughing out louder after seeing it. The video was a hit and was spread across the social media platform like fire as internet always help in doing this spreading fire thing, might be that’s why government get into fear and barred internet services whenever it wants.

The good side to see in Nazma Aapi’s video is the way she creates humour, including the social, political and national cause, which is quite a talent to get appreciated.

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