Internet- Irony At Its Best?

We human beings cannot live without certain things, such as food, shelter, clothes, and most importantly, the internet. In words of the social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, “The mobile phone (through which majority of us use the internet) is now the television, and the television is now the radio”.

We use the tools provided by the internet to empower one another, to reach out to one another. The internet has helped many people in solving problems, but at the same time, has led to meaningless fights and arguments. The internet has become a part of us, without which we cannot live today.

There used to be a time where we, human beings, used to keep personal diaries and record our innermost, precious and secretive details in such diaries. But alas, for today’s generation, such diaries are in the form of expressing their views and opinions on the internet. Sure, we have the right to freedom of expression and we should express whatever we think is right, but this had led to conflicts in the opinions of people. The internet has become this platform, where every day, some person or the other has to have some opinion on some topic and what does that person do? Express it! And do not get me wrong, what he/she is doing is good, but this leads to a conflict in the opinions of the people, and this sometimes leads to the creation of misunderstanding in the minds of the society and leads to fights among different groups of societies.

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The internet has exposed the conflicting thoughts of people. People make statements on the internet without any credible backing or any concrete facts supporting their claims and hence, this leads to conflicting thoughts of the people. Such conflicts lead to the division of the societies into different groups which have different ideologies. We fight on the internet, on meaningless topics and issues while ignoring the important discussions, the topics which really should be discussed.

Yes, it is important to have fruitful discussions on the internet, as it results in spreading of awareness about the topic being discussed. Take this very article for instance. Some people will agree with what I say and some will not. As human beings, we tend to express whatever comes to our mind openly on the internet, because “the internet is a safe place, right folks?” This very tendency of ours to express and the resulting conflict between people may lead to meaningless fights and discussions which will have no fruitful results. Truly, the internet has exposed the conflicting opinions of the people.

Internet Irony
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Tell me, readers, do you really want to live in a world where the internet not only controls our daily lives but also provides a means through which people get instant opinions created by people whose information may not be true? Readers, the internet is killing our ability to think creatively and this must not happen, and yes, though the internet has led to development and progress in humanity, it should be noted that we should not let the internet control our life. We should be able to state our opinions with adequate factual support and adequate backing. Do you want to live in a world where we fight on meaningless topics with no concrete results, or do you want to live in a world where we take action to bring the change we want to see in this world? The choice is in your hands, or shall I say, on your minds.


Prashant Rao

I am a student pursuing by bachelors in commerce (honors), along with my diploma in liberal arts. I am interested in economics, banking, philosophy, music, reading, writing, and drawing and am a movie buff. I am a keen MUNer and I want to make the world a better place to live in.

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