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Heartwarming Story Restoring Faith In Humanity

Manish Vyas is a 23 year old young man with passion to help people. This young lad has lived and studied in three countries across Asia, Europe and North America. After an undergraduate degree with major in Chemical Engineering with minors in Operations and Business. He has also completed an MS in Enterprise Project Management.

Manish at this tender age decided to enter the field of education to be a teacher- a childhood passion. When asked how did you decide to get into this field, Manish replied with a humble smile, “I’m giving back what I have got. And I hope I’m doing alright. ”

He now juggles work and his passion in a remarkable way. His current lifestyle is so admirable that it’ll leave you short of words to appreciate the amazing things he is doing.

Manish handles five paid job profiles and four unpaid job profiles. All this for the betterment of the society. Mr. Vyas apart from being a visiting faculty of 60 E-MBA students at Thakur College and NMIMS, Strategic Consultant at Mapping Journey and a Coach at Sprinters Academy, is also a full time volunteer to help people. He is always ready to put forward himself for any social cause related activities.


I am actively involved with Teach for India as a teacher and football coach to children aged between 10-15 years. I have trained over 100 kids in football as a coach. Taught, coached and managed group of 30 children as part of the “Teach to Lead” project to provide children from low income families opportunities at excellent education and sports.” added Manish.

Manish is also an active participant of SEVA Foundation, where he teaches children and young adults of the tribal community inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai. Ultimate goal is to make this tribal community educated enough to be employed. He is also a part of another such foundation called the S and S Foundation, where focus is given on proper overall education of children. He doesn’t stop here. He is now also a part of the Green Batti Project, which is India’s largest one on one mentoring program.


This is what the everyday hero had to say to all young people like him “ Make one New mistake everyday”.

I wish you all the luck for future Manish. We all are thankful to have people like you in our society. I hope you continue spreading magic of humanity in the years ahead.

Suvi Pandey

Hi! I believe that the best creative ideas too can often be simple. I create Autism Awareness actively. Writing motivational articles is one of my passions. I strongly believe we can do anything if we really are willing to do.

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