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Story Of Gamedoora – Giving Wings To Your Passion

You have a great story a novel idea which if, turned into a game or a movie / animation can turn heads. You and your friends in school or at social gathering are thinking of making a game, combined all together make a great team but something is stopping you in achieving the goal. What is the road block?

Games are always inspiring, illustrative, innovative, mind-boggling, fun and great stress buster. It is the dream of every game creator to start a small studio and give shape to his creative ideas.However everyone knows that creating a game is a complex process. It is like a Jigsaw puzzle where Hundreds of pieces need to be put together properly so that it makes a complete picture. Moreover there are many gaming projects which gets developed but are never distributed and sold, some projects fail due to budget and deadline issues. After evaluating many such projects in this industry we came to a conclusion that the main reason of the drop back was lack of proper communications and productive contributions.

Why is communication so essential in game projects?

We all know communication is the back bone of any project. In gaming industry we have different people designated for particular tasks. They all have to be in a sync to develop a great product. Desingner should be able to understand the writer perspective and programmer should be able to project the designer’s idea and the stream goes on… There should be a constant flow of communication on a single channel where each concerned member has the latest updated information.There is no time and place constraint, the moment you get the idea and it is shared with everyone at that very moment.

Given the above challenges, we at Gamedoora are focused to create an efficient platform that will help people create video games via a collaborative process, in 3 simple steps Create-Connect- Collaborate.

Gamedoora is a collaborative, social platform for people involved in complete game production pipeline and for everyone who wants to bring their stories to life.


How it works?

Gamedoora gives people the opportunity to collaborate, create video games, brainstorm concepts, test ideas and network, everything on one platform. The concept was born with a desire to eliminate the pain points associated with the current game production pipeline for indie game developers, publishers and large game studios.

You can check our video:

Our Mission is to create a platform that gives creative professionals the opportunity to efficiently network, search, build and collaborate.Our Vision focuses on – Gaming for Everyone! It does not matter which game you are working on; Our platform is focused to give everyone equal opportunity to efficiently collaborate, network and create video games.

Our developmental milestones are defined with the goal of creating a network of people and different entities involved in complete game development pipeline. Our platform is currently in the beta phase and we are working hard to make it live to general public and the larger creative industry.

Our team has more than 25 years of combined experience in running and supporting various communities, customer service and engagement, developing and managing open-source technologies, software development, gaming related production, Java technologies, visual design and development etc. We are very focused and determined to create values for our users and give them the opportunity to create and collaborate in a hassle-free and creatively supportive environment.

Gamedoora is a junction for all types of storywriters, game developers, animators, artists, designers etc. where members can set up online studios and create, post, share and showcase their projects. Our primary aim is to accelerate and enhance complete game development cycle and help passionate game enthusiasts find and build creative games using an open source philosophy. Think of it as a gaming industry launchpad, execution platform that assists teams through their complete game production pipeline, from ideation to revenues, something that currently does not exist in their productive landscape.Our platform will help them save time and money, efficiently collaborate, be more productive, network and promote their projects. Let’s create, socialize and collaborate; let’s network, distribute and promote. Let’s be a Gamedoorian!

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