Stimulating Story Of Mayank Mehta

Mayank Mehta has a truly inspiring story and it was my honour to interview him in person. Young, hard working, diligent are few words that can describe him but still these words won’t be enough! Let’s unfold this inciting man’s story.

So as we sat I asked Mayank about his childhood. With an intense look on his face, Mayank answered, “We were a family of 4 and lived in a one room kitchen chawl. But it seemed I was a lucky mascot for my father and soon our fate changed. My father got sole sale right for shanti nagar. I was around 3 years old that time. And soon we shifted to a 2 BHK flat in Meera road. In fact, we had luxurious a life, we became one of the richest people in that area.”


“Everything was good but then when I turned 12 years old, my father passed away. What happened was that his partners falsely took signatures and took his stakes. Due to which slowly we lost our house and shifted back to the chawl and turned from riches to rags! He could not bear with this trauma and died due to 7 consecutive attacks in ICU.”

Life became difficult for Mayank and his family and due to financial troubles his sister started working and studying and he himself started working part time at an opticians’ store. “I used to earn 700 rupees salary. After that once I reached 10th , the call centre industry came in existence in full swing and they were taking students but the only condition was they wanted 10th cleared students and my result were not out! So I was advised to take up a basic of call centre course and in the meanwhile my result came out! I landed my first job in Andro Media Marketing (client Citibank). This interview was purely banking based and I was clueless about anything in banking.” Laughed Mayank.

Mr. Sandeep Lalwani Western region head took his interview and this is how this unusual interview went, “He asked banking questions and I knew nothing, So Mr. Lalwani asked why should I take you ? I told him I will learn in training after you select me! Seeing this confidence he told me ‘no you come tomorrow at 9 am and come prepared!’. I went back studied whole night about basics of banking with help of a relative and I turned up next day. Seeing me, he didn’t’t even call me inside for interview just told me I am hired that was my first official job 7.5k salary in which I had to sell credit cards. Mr. Anil Ladia helped me a lot during those days. Meanwhile I also took admission in chetna college. 3 months later we sold a record of 3800 credit cards and soon after that I was promoted from Andro Media to invest one, I was still an undergraduate.” added Mayank proudly.


Mayank soon resigned since he had to give his HSC finals but 3 months later again he joined paramount health care services and took up a correspondence course side by side. But fate changed again he was transferred from his job since it got shut and he had to shift base to Pune along with his mother! He was sent there with a promotion and his forte now changed from banking to insurance. He then completed his pgdma in banking and insurance. Now Luck was on his side , one insurance broker gave him an offer after 18 months to shift back to Mumbai with another promotion as head of a broking firm. Mayank met up with his old contacts and they helped him get more and more business! He was unstoppable then he switched to Edelweiss, and from there to standard charted! After first 2 years of career with that he bought a 2 BHK flat in Meera Road again and till today he stays there. It was one of the biggest moments of his life.

Life was going fine that’s when he met with a bike accident and was told 6 months bed rest. “Imagine and active person like me was told to rest full time! Had to leave my job because of that and few months later I joined politics. I became a member of Indian youth congress. I was not a part of pure politics, I used to arrange promotional medical camps . I conducted 4 camps and was highlighted as a social worker. I was never in favour of hoardings, posters, things that spoil the city’s beautification that’s the reason I left politics and joined a NGO.”

One Of The Many Medical Camps Organised By Mayank

Mayank continued, “During this time ex mayor of meera bhayender, who is now current MLA of the area Mr. Narendra Mehta asked me to meet. He told me he has been noticing me and wanted me to join them. I demanded him to fulfil my three conditions which if he agreed I woud join! The conditions were punctuality, I would never put up any hoardings and I will only speak to you directly. Mehta ji readily agreed to all my conditions. I became the Meera Bhayander Secretary BJP Yuva.”

“I was given district responsibility of 8 blocks. So I took sessions to train and meet with all ‘karya karta’ in each block and the flaws I noticed based on that I made a synopsis report. This was highly appreciated by Mehta ji. He liked my working pattern made me general secretary. Now responsibility changed to answering and giving solution. During this time Nagar Palika elections came and I was told to take care of the entire election campaign. That year from 9 BJP corporators stats changed to 31 BJP corporator. We became majority! MLA election 2014 campaign was also handled by me. And we won by 36,000 votes.“ Added Mayank ecstaticly.

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As Chief Guest In His Own School JH Poddar High School

Today Mayank is Maharashtra state representative, Incredible journey isn’t’ it? But all this aside Mayank recalled his biggest achievement, which was being called as a chief guest in his school JH Poddar High School. While ending the interview I asked Mayank what he wanted to achieve from this social networking and politics to which his response was “I just want to become that much capable that I can adopt at least 1 orphan child and give that child best education and help him stand on his feet. That day I will feel that I have achieved something in my life. As after my father I could not complete my education full time. So 1 child at least should get proper education through me. I have walked alone in my life so far but don’t want to be left alone after my death…”

I am sure you will do wonders ahead Mayank with such noble thoughts. Wishing you good luck and positivity for future! Keep doing such amazing work and rise higher!

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