Position or no position – what’s your stand Mr. CM?

This question is at the very core of media right now. And it is directed at Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Since the inception of Aam Admi Party, he has been in the news for one reason or the other. This time, it’s not a fight with some opponent or firing someone from his own department, but now he has taken this to the President level.

Aam Admi Party has allegedly broken a law by electing 21 Parliamentary Secretaries. The Constitution limits the number of secretaries selected to 15% of the total assembly. As Delhi assembly has 70 MLA, he had to select 7 but he went on to select a whooping count of 21. And then circulated a bill to amend the Constitution of India itself. While the President has rejected his plea, those 21 fear disqualification from assembly itself. There is a possibility that Election Commission may go for elections again and AAP fear a great danger of loosing few of these ministers but still the majority will be AAP’s.

Mr. CM has a habit of taking everything personally. And he is obsessed with Mr. PM. At least this is what media has been claiming. Every political outburst is blamed on PM. Every little spat between locals or his ministers is again balmed on PM.

Our very own Delhi’s CM came with a corrupt free background. He first came to the limelight during Anna Hazare’s campaign. People were pleased to see a new face with a promising personality and decent educational qualifications. This is what we common people look for in our leaders so that they understand our troubles. That’s why people in the Capital voted for him twice and gave him a second chance to govern. Nobody gets a second chance in any field but he was an exception as people could relate to him. He should have understood this and rectified his mistakes but nothing changed. The only difference is that, at that time he used to take on petty fights with other Delhi ministers and now his ambitions grew. He now engaged in direct one to one verbal spat with Prime Minister itself even though it seems like one to zero engagement as he is the only one involved in the verbal attack.

I can’t believe this is the same person who once said he doesn’t power and recognition and just wanted to work for the society. Now he is fighting for designations. If you claim that you really want to work for public and that’s why the election of these Parliamentary Secretaries was essential. Can’t that be done without giving them a designation? Since when social work requires you to have a cabin and your name on the door? And if you really think you did nothing wrong, then sit back and relax. Just greet your bellicose opponents with a gentle smile and say let EC decide whether we are right or not. Why go on ranting that you are a victim of everyone else’s mind games and making typical dialogues. If you trust your ministers and if they are even disqualified, they will be reelected based on their work. Why create a ruckus about it?

Surbhi Pathak

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