Skype calls now with animated Mojis

Skype, the video calling, and the messaging platform, has collaborated with the famous movie studios including Universal Studios, Disney Muppets, BBC and some more for their new feature. This feature is their own version of emojis, which is known as ‘Mojis’.
This feature will make you able to send short moments from film segments from movies and TV shows in a form of GIFs.

According to Skype, the first Moji release will have content from films such as Jurassic Park, Despicable Me, The Muppets and so on.

To send this ‘Moji’, all you’ll need to do is open the emoticon picker or tap on the J button. You can then browse through the sections such as TV shows, movies or expressions and preview the Moji before sharing it with your friends.

This will be available for Skype applications across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Though strangely, this feature will not be seen in Windows Phone 8 OS as the supporting platforms of Moji. Maybe Windows will add in support soon on Windows 10 Mobile OS which is expected to come out in October 2015.

According to a Microsoft representative, “Windows Phone continues to be a significant investment for Microsoft; we are planning on releasing Skype Mojis to this platform in the near future.” quoted by VentureBeat.

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