Rahul Gandhi Calls PM Narendra Modi ‘Feku’

Rahul Gandhi used the word “feku” for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming none of the promises made were fulfilled by the Prime Minister, Rahul was seen citing the different promises like giving jobs and bringing back the black money on the basis of which he accused the Prime Minister.

While Speaking at a rally in West Champaran district of Bihar, Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi government of not fulfilling any of his promises.

Rahul gave the example of Gandhi Ji and told that “Mahatma Gandhi, used to wear suits when he was a lawyer, but when he came to India and saw people out here, he stopped wearing the suits to serve the people of the nation”. Echoing the suit-boot joomla again at Prime Minister Modi, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi Ji was a chaiwala. I am not sure about it but he claims to be but now he has started wearing a suit and that too of Rs 15 lakh after becoming the PM of India.”

Congress leader also said that “If you want to get jobs in Bihar, talk to those who know about jobs, talk to the people who are working in the factories day and night, they will tell you how employment will come to India, Talk to youth if you want to help them.”

Rahul was also told that “If BJP or NDA gets into power in the state of Bihar, people wearing suit will come from Delhi and Gujarat and ask for any portion of land. and farmers will be thrown out”.

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