Recently, as Kangana Ranaut visited Paris for the premiere of her film Queen, in an interview to a local channel France24, she stated, “It is very depressing and I find it really embarrassing because we are a nation of beautiful people & women shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of acumen. It is sort of that they are being stripped off their confidence or even self-worth by an endorsement of such creams called fairness creams. I oppose it and I’m very very embarrassed that many celebrities propagates it & endorse it as well.”

When asked about neurotic roles, she stated, “The earlier options were limiting me and I won’t call them options as I wasn’t actually offered many roles. And I wasn’t doing really well so I was sort of confined in neurotic characters. But this movie Queen has been a life changing experience and the humor is very definite in it. The humor is universal as opposed to the loud, slapstick typical movies.”