Should You Really Watch Wanda Vision?

One of the most asked questions was, why did Marvel create a sitcom for Wanda Vision? In answer, in a recent interview, studio boss, Kevin Feige said that this decision was made due to his love for sitcoms and because it offered a change of pace from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every plot detail branches out across multiple movies.

Wanda Vision is the first series in the fourth phase of the Marvel Universe for those not familiar with MCU. Another innovative creation from Marvel where Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, three weeks after the endgame, is unknowingly trapped in an alternate universe. Further on, it plays out like a ’50s sitcom with Vision, who, as known by all of us, had died in the infinity wars when Thanos ripped the soul stone from his forehead.

Feige said, in an interview that, “this series would tell the story of Maximoff and Vision, it will show how powerful Maximoff’s power really is and what she can do, explore who Vision is.

This series will also introduce the comic book name “Scarlet Witch” to the MCU in ways that are entirely funny, somewhat scary, and will have repercussions for the entire future of Phase Four of the MCU.” He added that viewers would not need to be familiar with the MCU to understand the series, but there would be a “wealth of rewards” for those who have seen all the films and knew the plans for Phase Four.

Critics have given great reviews for the series. The series is both endearing and funny. The producers have woven the light and the dark elements seamlessly together, all while thickening the plot. The first two episodes might be funny, but the jokes fall flat, yet, in all, the series is creative and compelling. Wanda Vision is a must-see for all the fans! Worry not newcomers; you don’t need to watch all the Marvel Movies to appreciate this series.

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