Marvel Theme Song Hindi
Source: YouTube

All the 90s kids have grown up reading DC and Marvel comics and all the fans couldn’t be more excited for each one of their movies. The audience always came out of the theatres with smiling faces as they always matched their fan’s expectations, but this tradition was not followed at the time of Avengers Infinity War.

Every Marvel fan came out of the theatre either crying or shocked because nobody could see their heroes disappear. But it’s time to get them back and see how Thanos gets defeated in Avengers Endgame, which will be releasing on 26 April 2019.

To promote the same, Marvel released its Hindi Anthem, produced by Dharma 2.0 and sung by A.R. Rahman. The video has received more than 6.2 million views so far and the reaction is a little unexpected, while some are appreciating it, others are highly disappointed and like everything else, you can find memes on Twitter describing how Marvel failed to match its fan’s expectations this time, but the excitement for Endgame is still the same, among the fans. Here’s the video of the same you can watch: