Bigg Boss: Love-Hate Relationship With Indian Audience

Indian Reality-TV has given us some truly iconic moments of Indian Television. This show has given us moments we will never forget, for the new-age Chroniclers, the memers have eternalized them. From Shehnaz Gill’s Tauda Kutta Tommy’ to Dolly Bindra’s fiery bursts, we have seen it all. By now, you must have realized which show we are talking about.

The fan-favourite Bigg Boss!

What started during the era of reality shows like Emotional Atyachar and Dare to Date continues to be relevant today, after 14 seasons. If you are one of those snooty, high-horsed people who look down on those of us who watch Bigg Boss, this article is not for you (or maybe it is just the one). What’s not to like about this show!? Let’s talk about a few reasons why this show is such a hit.

Cause we’re asking for it, we are begging for it, and we are dying for it!

Well, yes, Pooja, you got that right! We love poking our noses in someone else’s lives. Better yet, if they are celebrities. We can’t get enough of the silly fights at home, so we tune in to watch some twenty strangers fight it out in a house they can’t leave.

Why do people watch movies and TV shows? To find an escape from the problems in our lives for a few hours, to feel refreshed! The best way to ignore the problems and drama in your life? To peek into the drama of someone else’s life, of course!

It is guaranteed entertainment!

If you can look past the misogyny, controversy and sexism that Sallu Bhai brings with him, no one can deny Bigg Boss guarantees top-notch recreation. From episodic fights to love stories, confessions, and even guys pretending to be snakes slithering on the floor, you will never be bored.

Watch the real-life of your favourite celebrities!

You get a very real, raw and authentic sneak peek into the lives of your favourite celebs. Just the thought of watching people stuck together in a house and faced to compromise when they never had to is so entertaining! The Bigg Boss house has also started hosting famous (don’t ask us why) internet personalities like Dhinchak Pooja and Hindustani Bhau.

Bigg Boss 2021 | News Aur Chai
Image Source: Colors TV

The riveting 14th season of Bigg Boss came to an end on the 21st of February 2021. Rubina Dilaik took home the much-coveted title of the winner and a handsome sum of prize money. With the season (finally!) coming to an end, it left a gaping hole in the voyeuristic demands of the Indian audience. Many fans are missing the drama of the house and the fantastic escape and entertainment it offered. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things you should do to unwind after the season’s end.

Do not leave your house! (Much like the original Bigg Boss House rules)

This 14th season of Bigg Boss was a bit different from its previous years. Contestants were walking in and out of the house as they pleased. They even enjoyed a few instances of pre-lockdown life. Sadly, we cannot walk out of our houses as we please in these times.

Covid-19 is still here, and the cases are rising again. Taking lessons from our experience last year, we should stay put inside our homes to avoid another set of strict lockdown measures. On the upside, you get to live the Bigg Boss drama in your own house as frustrations surface when you have to do the same chores over and over again grudgingly.

Focus on your mental health

It is a grounding experience when you see celebrity contestants deal with the same problems as you. It is relatable when you see them dealing with the trauma of living together with strangers: nasty fights, pesky roommates and the frustration that comes with the immense pressure.
It is reassuring to see people go through the same struggles as you. Now that you are aware, it is time to focus on your mental health. The lockdown has been hard on us after all.

Binge more voyeuristic reality TV (NOT!)

Confess it already. Shows like these are everyone’s guilty pleasures. We love to invest ourselves in someone else’s lives, completely ignoring ours. There is a range of extraordinarily well-made and very binge-worthy shows available on platforms like Netflix. Indian Matchmaking and Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives are fan favourites in this genre. And of course, you can always go back to the good old seasons of our very own Bigg Boss.

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