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Self Made Woman Beena Devani, Shares Her Story

I am the founder at, my academic journey began with a forensic graduation from the UK and my passion for business brought me back to India. I believe there is no better place in the world then India to seed your entrepreneur skills. My first venture proved to be a victim of personal discrepancies and I decided to quit. Just when I was looking upon all the places to settle again my search landed me a job in Dubai and I decided to take it.


The idea of SASfinder clicked upon me when I had travelled to Dubai for a job interview and successfully bagged the job position. While I was making required preparations to resume the job, I wanted to get my basic salon essentials done and started looking for one in the vicinity. To my surprise, I walked into the salon with a life-changing idea and it all started with my struggle of searching for a salon.

During the waiting period in the salon I realized just like in India, salons would not offer the price card usually so they could charge differently depending upon the client. I was a witness to this much unspoken unfair act and that’s when it clicked upon me as a business opportunity to organize the beauty market and packed my bags to motherland India for good.

While many salon booking portals budding up in the market, SASfinder stands tall with its concept to list all the service providers regardless of its class or range.We intend to cater a wide range of people among certain who still would be comfortable with their local shaving guy.

Launched on 18 Feb 2016, we are overwhelmed with the marketing response from the service providers and that has just pumped in the right energy to introduce our future plans.


SASfinder aims to list the beauty services particularly salon and spa offering companies under its banner along with a transparent outlook of its information for public reference. It serves as an e- platform to explore and locate beauty services around you. It helps to minimize time and provide clarity on your choices of grooming and relaxing services.

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