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Corporate Secret Santa With A Twist

Bunch of Accenture employees came up with a unique way of celebrating secrent santa, this is the story they shared with us :

As a kid we always thought Santa was real, we used to make wish list also. Thanks to Disney for making those wonderful and cute cartoons about Christmas.Later on we got to know that Santa was not real, but we can definitely be Santa for someone.

Secret Santa, a common concept in private sector where we exchange gifts between the team members without letting them know who has given the gift.But even if we don’t get that gift for one year it will not affect us much, think about it. Why not give gifts to under privileged kids instead of giving gifts to each other?? And smile on their face, their expressions, happiness will be your return gift!

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With this thought in mind, one team from Accenture had decided to help NGO/orphanage instead of playing Secret Santa within the team members. They have distributed 140 T-shirts to the kids of Chembur’s Children Home on 25th December, 2015 and kids will wear those new T-shirts on the annual day of Chembur’s Children home. After distributing the T-shirts one of the team member said with a genuine satisfying smile ” Kids were so happy to see new clothes, they were not ready to leave us only, happy to be Santa for a day and we will try to continue doing something like this in future and will request others also to do the same.”

We always think about doing something good, but when are we supposed to do that?? We watch satyamev jayate and think wish we could do something like this, instead of only thinking let’s take small steps towards spreading happiness!

For any donations towards Chembur’s Children home contact [email protected], 9665764001 (Rahul Kanthikar)

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