SAAHO REVIEW: Prabhas Continues The Bahubali Charm!

One of the most awaited movies of 2019 SAAHO is in theatre now. Staring the charming Amrendra-Mahendra Bahubali, Prabhas and the Stree lady, Shraddha Kapoor released on 30th August 2019. The film was in the limelight since the day the first teaser came out. However, Did it please the audienceĀ as predicted?

Overlook of SAAHO

Leading on an anticipated plot, this most awaited film ends up as a disappointment among the audience.

The movie took the lead with a group of police officers preparing a plan to hunt down the notorious thief Prabhas, who is smarter than the police. However, the police force gets to know about it later. Between all these planning and plotting of police officers on a large screen, aiming to entertain the sacred games, avengers loving audience, the writing somewhere lost its notch and failed to maintain the suspension and curiosity of the audience.

The interval and the climax twist are easy dots to connect and don’t hold any surprise factor.

Prabhas Continues The Bahubali Charm
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Actors and their characters

Saaho is full of well-known actors, like veteran Jackie Shroff, the funny guy Chunky Pandey as Devraj, Arun Vijay as Vishwak, Mandira Bedi as Kalki, and the foreign-Indian guy Neil Nitin Mukesh in a pivotal role to make them visible in the movie. As per the character demand, Vennela Kishore tries to induce a few touches of humour, but smart punches were missing.

Chemistry Between Bahubali and Stree Lady

Though both actors have tried hard with the romantic and disco songs like pyscho saiyaan to steal the show, somewhere, they succeed to do that in their chemistry part. Shraddha and Prabhas are looking good with each other showing full drama compatibility of Bollywood. The funniest part is in one scene when Shraddha asks Prabhas if she’s useful in any way to the exceptional team since he has all the answers himself. Turns out that the lady cop herself asking about her role worth in the movie. She tried to give her best in the acting part but looks lost, because of the lacklustre material she’s been covered up with.

All actors and their performance were no doubt fantabulous. However, the scriptwriter and director create the loophole, they missed leading the Direction and story in a movie way due to which the film ends up as a missed opportunity.

The last scene hints like a sequel similar to “Dhoom” and “Race” series, but if it happens, it will need a better story and screenplay.


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