September 2019 In India: Festival And Events

September is a month of celebration in India. Most of the religious festivals happen during this month. Being a land of fest and festivals, India celebrates all the festivals and events with high energy and lustre. Let’s see what September has for us;

  • Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi - September
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Date: September 2nd, 2019
The magnificent 11-day Ganesh Chaturthi celebration honours the birth of the beloved Hindu elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesh is considered to be the remover of obstacles. He is also believed to be the god of wisdom and beginning. This festival starts with huge, elaborately crafted Ganesh murti being placed in homes and podiums by beautifully decorating it. Though celebrated all around India, in Maharastra, Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Telangana it is celebrated in full glory.

  • Onam

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Date: September 2 – 11, 2019
The state of Kerala celebrates Onam at the end of the monsoon season. A festival that lasts for ten days welcomes the harvest festival. According to myths, this festival is celebrated to commemorate King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. Aloof from religious rituals and elaborate feasts, this festival is famous for flower carpets, elephant procession, snake boat race, tiger dance (puli kali), traditional dance (thiruvathira) and many more.

  • Muharram

Muharram - September
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Date: September 10th, 2019
Muharram is celebrated by Muslim, a festival that memorialises the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. The general meaning of the word Muharram is forbidden, unlawful, banned, taboo and similar. On the tenth and the closing day of the festival, is known as Ashura. On this day Sunni Muslims fast, whereas for Shia Muslims, they mourn of the death of Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī and his family, honouring the martyrs by prayer and abstinence from joyous events.

  • Pune International Literary Festival

Literary Festival - September
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Date: September 20 – 22, 2019
This English Library festival is into its seventh year. The Pune International Literary Festival is another event to socialise with authors and publisher in India. More than 100 well know authors and creative personalities from India and abroad will address at the festival. Authors and publishers can showcase their original works through this festival. It also includes panel discussions, workshops, and book launches.

  • Jaipur Shopping Festival

Jaipur Shopping Festival - September
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Date: September 25 to October 23, 2019
All festival is not necessarily related to a mythical event or a religious ritual. Some are celebrated for the sake of fun. One such event is the Jaipur Shopping Festival. This festival takes place at a different destination every year. The primary purpose of this festival is the one grand large shopping fiesta for all the needs starting from wooden handicraft to electrical appliances.

  • Navratri

Navratri - September
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Date: September 29 to October 7, 2019
Navratri in Sanskrit means nine -nights, a Hindu festival that spans the nine-night and is celebrated during autumn. Goddess Durga is worshipped during the nine-nights in different forms. In the daytime, pooja and fasting take place, while the nights are reserved for feasting and dancing. The festival finishes with Dussehra, the triumph of good over evil, on the tenth day. In Delhi, the feature of Navratri celebrations are the Ramlila plays that take place all over the city. The festival is marked as Golu, with the display of dolls, in South India. In Kolkata, it’s Durga Puja.

  • Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara - September
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Date: September 29 to October 8, 2019
The annual 10-day Dasara festival is the feature of Navratri and Dussehra festivals in Mysore, in Karnataka. It is celebrated on a grand scale and assures a lavish cultural display of regal procession, fireworks, light shows, and even food festivals and vintage automobile shows as well. In Mysore, Dussehra honours Goddess Chamundeswari, who killed the demon Mahishasur. The festival has royal origins and can be traced back to 1610, when Wadiyar King, Raja Wadiyar I started it. The royal family is still involved in celebrating it. Mysore Palace is illuminated with thousands of lights.

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