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The BaahuBali Craze

Touted to be India’s most expensive film ever, with an estimated budget of 250 crores and shooting time of 500 days, Baahubali is out, and all hell has broken loose! ICYDK, Baahubali is the directorial venture of big-time South Indian director S.S. Rajamouli and stars South Indian superstars Prabhas and Rana Daggubati. In fact, Karan Johar himself has collaborated with the makers and is the distributor of the Hindi version of the Telugu/Tamil movie.

Pretty much nobody in India right now is oblivious to the #Baahubalistorm that has taken over the country. This Telugu movie has broken all kinds of records within just 4 days of hitting the box office. Fans are going crazy about it, as are all the elite movie personalities from around the country.

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There was such an overload of traffic to the Book my show website to book the tickets for this epic movie that the entire website crashed – since the servers were unable to keep up with the crazy online traffic. The mob accumulated in front of the theatres are all crazy fans of the movie, the star cast or even of the director S.S. Rajamouli and they won’t take no for an answer. Starting from sacrificing a goat in front of the Cinemax theatre in Vikarabad (even though the movie doesn’t promote animal cruelty) to threatening suicide for a ticket – they have done it all.

The second instalment of the series has hit the theatres in April this year and there’s no wonder as to why its trailer which got released a few days back went viral shortly. Such is the craze of Baahubali that even our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not left untouched with its spark.

Baahubali 2
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Who is a having a huge female fan following in the Telugu States among current generation heroes is none other than Young Rebel Star Prabhas. Not only are the Andhra Pradesh girls, now China girls also smitten by Rebel Star Prabhas. Now the story is that Prabhas forthcoming film Baahubali is getting ready for a grand release throughout the world in next year.

Yes! Last month when PM Modi was addressing a rally in UP, he assured the common public of confronting the criminals in the same way as “Katappa killed Baahubali” if BJP would be able to make its government in the state.

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