A Step Towards Plastic-Free India

We live in an era where the use of plastic has become the most harmful activity, not only for humans but for the entire ecosystem. It poses such a lethal threat to the environment and society. Hence, the practice needs to be curbed as soon as possible before it is too late.

As we have been taught since childhood, the consequences out of this can be as dreadful as animals, or human beings choked to death. Furthermore, once it enters the food chain, it bears the capability to destroy the entire humankind. So, next time, when you go for a single-use plastic bag, better think about the consequences before throwing it away on the road.

The biggest question that arises is ‘Why doesn’t the government ban the use when it is that harmful?’ I would want too counter-question those who have this in their minds: ‘Is it that easy?’ No people, it is easier said than done. The volume of single-use plastic that we use in the country is tremendous. Moreover, to ban it all at once is not viable. Think, the next time you visit the nearby vegetable market, they don’t provide you with a plastic bag. It has been tried many times. Local governments ban it, people don’t use it for two days, and again the plastic is back into circulation.

Maharashtra to lead

Although some state governments have taken steps against this, the first state to ban the single-use plastic was Maharashtra, with Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu following the feat. However, every time a government does this, it has to bear much of public disappointment. The businesses start their blame game as soon as a decision is rolled out. For example, when the decision came out in Tamil Nadu in January, there was a rage in public, including industries like the hospitality, about no alternatives being available.

However, instead of blaming the governments, why not support these decisions as it is our health that will be improved. Why not come out with creative alternatives and even suggesting others about their uses. It is time we realise that it is not the sole responsibility of the government to take care of society, but as individuals, each of us is equally responsible.

Following a series of bans, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently urged the people to kick start a revolution against the single-use plastic from October 2nd, 2019 (birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi). In his Independence Day speech this year, he appealed for plastic-free India. Plus, people have been asked to use metal placards in their stores, stating that plastic use is banned.

Many celebrities were seen joining the plastic-free campaign;



So we should give it a thought that what it takes on our part to lend a helping hand towards environment protection. I believe it is as easy as just carrying a bag from home when you go shopping. This further results in monetary savings. Let’s pledge to keep our environments protected so that our future generations can enjoy it the same way we did.

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