Renowned Shoe Manufacturer Brooks Happily Runs Into Indian Market

With over a century of redefining footwear designing and over two decades of specialising in Running Shoes, American Running gear manufacturer Brooks has finally entered the Indian Market.

Announced in the first week of July 2020, their signature running shoes will be made available in the Indian Market by the first week of August by the Importer Selection Centre Sports (SCS) Private Limited.

“There is a great deal of excitement within the running community who is eagerly waiting for products to arrive, and I am excited to bring the Run Happy spirit to India and grow with their communities as well. We are creating exceptional marketing and sales strategies to make each runner experience the Run Happy Spirit,” says Kartik Shah, Director at Selection Centre Sports Pvt Ltd. and Country Head, Brooks India.

The Company has specialised in Running gear since 2001 and recorded a 25 per cent worldwide share in the running shoes market in the year 2018.

A company that has dedicated itself to changing the technology of running shoes with its many innovations wants to ensure now that the Indian Runners ‘Run Happy’ owing to the increasing number of Indians who have taken to runs, jogs and marathons for their dose of fitness. With the Company comes its century-old expertise of their design and technology for making shoes that are the perfect fit.

The Company believes that every runner is unique and that comfort and cushioning for an injury-free run is their top priority. Having been in the US market for over a 100 years now, they know what a runner requires making it extremely viable for all the Indian runners who have multiplied by ten times year on year over the last two decades, and each one wanting to run, walk, jog without an injury.

It plans to launch a model- GHOST in late 2021 which is one of the bestsellers and the choice of shoes for runners across the world fully customised for India, in which the shoe technology will remain the same but, the appearance will be customised keeping the Indian Market in mind.

This will be in addition to the launch of Adrenaline GTS21, offering a unique Guide Rail technology in India alongside the rest of the world in late 2020.

While the pandemic has brought economies to a halt, the Company has observed an increase in their sales worldwide with many turning to running, jogging and cycling as a fitness regime, India was no exception. The lockdown did affect the plan to launch Brooks at the Ironman 70.3 Goa this year which now stands postponed. But, the Company has made its online debut with its Social Media Accounts and website launching shortly.

Nevertheless, it is not just about selling shoes and ensuring that their customers run happy; the Company also aims at creating awareness about running and having the right shoes for every run. They plan to cater to all the demands of the Indian Market with their apparel also coming soon to India.

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Renowned Shoe Manufacturer Brooks Happily Runs Into Indian Market
Source: Brooks India

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