5 Best Fitness Apps To Try During This Pandemic

Fitness is one of the foremost vital aspects to keep the body going, and residential workouts during lockdown are absolutely crucial to stay fit and rejuvenated. It not only makes the muscles and bones stronger, but it aids in keeping the mind and body happy.

With the COVID-19 lockdown, people have now resorted to working out at home and have realized the importance of maintaining health. Keeping the COVID-19 guidelines in mind, one can sweat it out reception with expert trainers available virtually. Thankfully, there are several apps for Android and iOS, which supply the most superficial workout sessions that you simply can get without splurging on subscriptions or expensive equipment for the initial or basic workout session. These apps will also provide customised plans and classes upon subscription.

We have selected a variety of apps which will assist you to deduct all the fitness blues with proper classes and training:


One of the most crucial fitness and group workout chains in India, Cult presents multiple workout formats from Dance Fitness, Yoga, Football, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, HRX, Prowl, and more. It also allows users to explore home workout with their Do-it-yourself fitness videos.

Ranging 10 to fifteen minutes, each home workout video is guided by basic movements that include warm-up, main exercise, and post-workout cooldown. Every workout or fitness session is meant to satisfy specific goals – be it weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, or more. You may not be a daily gym-goer before joining their fitness session, but you can always build a new routine and lifestyle to pamper yourself.


Whoever said Yoga isn’t a correct workout may be a liar!! With Asana Rebel, you’ll get a high-intensity workout with just you and your trusty yoga mat. You’ll even try the meditation sequences that are available to assist you to stay inspired. This app is out there for both Android and iOS.


India’s leading AI-led health and fitness app, HealthifyMe, maybe a one-stop-shop for all fitness and nutrition needs. The digital wellness platform, which caters to nearly 16 million users in over 300 cities, delivering results on eating habits, fitness, and weight by tracking the user’s lifestyle. Its latest update contained several new features centered around eating balanced diets, exercising reception, sanitizing hands, and sleeping better. The startup has been providing free nutritionists and exercise consultations to anyone who needs help.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is ideal for beginners. It provides various classes to assist learners with the fundamentals of the art before diving into more advanced courses. The app offers over 500 asanas, above 70 yoga programs, Pilates, and meditation sessions. It also allows users to make a personal yoga plan for a cycle of seven days. It is available on both Android and iOS for free of charge with an in-app purchase option available.


It is an excellent app for training enthusiasts; JEFIT helps improve strength and cardio workouts. This app tracks body information easily, creates routine, and provides you with a comprehensive database of the exercises. JEFIT is the best pal when it comes to tracking and storing all of your workout information. It is compatible with all Android phones and requires iOS 4.0 or later for apple family phones.

So, make this pandemic as a period to pamper yourself, maintaining health, relaxing your mind, and building immunity to fight not just coronavirus but all sorts of ailments. Chart yourself a healthy routine to keep fit even though you are confined to the four walls of your home. Help not only yourself but also your family, near and dear one’s with a balanced habit so that no one ends up being a couch potato at the end of this pandemic.

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