Ranveer Singh: V-Unbeatable’s Lucky Charm

The Mumbai based dance crew V Unbeatable has been flourishing and making India proud with each succeeding step in America’s Got Talent. The death-defying moves and amazing aerial flips on Tatad Tatad Song from Ranveer Singh got the audience go all crazy. Their fan base is increasing tremendously and earning them the Golden Buzzer.

V Unbeatable comprises of 29 members, aged between 12 and 27. Sadly, six years ago, they lost Vikas, one of their performers, during rehearsal. The group agrees that Vikas’ untimely death only inspired them to do better. The troupe members wore yellow tees with ‘Vikas’ written on the back, as a tribute to their departed groupmate as it was his dream to reach there.

When asked about their secret key to success, they mentioned the name of the Bollywood star, Ranveer Singh.

Troupe leader Om Prakash Chauhan stated that “Whenever we perform on Ranveer Singh’s songs, our performance is a hit. So, we decided to stick to his numbers mostly for our performances on ‘America’s Got Talent’.”

The troupe leader also mentioned how they were quite hesitant while using Bollywood tracks for the fear that the audience might not understand them. However, they decided to perform on a Hindi song with beats and melody. It was then they realised that most of Ranveer’s songs equipped their requirements.

The troupe’s dance, acrobatics, coordinated dives and choreographed stunts left the judges astonished and stood up in appreciation.

Judge Julianne Hough was floored with their performance and commented on how the crew was an astounding combination of acrobats and dance.

Dwayne Wayde was a guest judge on the show. He appreciated their jaw-dropping act by telling how erratically his heart was beating. He was pretty impressed by the group and remarked on how they wholly owned the stage. “Today, at this stage this is your house,” he had said.

The troupe will now head toward Hollywood for their live show, which is expected to be held this month.

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