Forget Sanitary Pads – Switch To Menstrual Cups

The daily hassle of city life is not unfamiliar to anyone. The meticulous challenges with deadlines in the office, household chores, and to maintain the social spectrum, things have become quite exhausting, especially for females.

Then comes the time of periods, when even simple things can transform into a monstrous one due to the pain, anxiety, and mood swings. When the ‘use of sanitary pads accompanies this’, a feeling of irritation is an add on. The problem of switching the pads, lousy odour, and the discomfort make these days a perfect hell for women.

What is Menstrual Cups?

A better and updated solution associated with periods is the use of ‘menstrual cups’. These are feminine hygiene product which is made of super-flexible silicone that is inserted into the vagina, like tampons. Apart from absorbing the blood, it also collects menstrual fluid.

Drawbacks and Benefits Associated:

The most prominent stigma attached to these super funky cups is that it may prove to be detrimental to the inner parts and may be painful.

However, it is exclusive of all chemicals, dyes and horrible additives. Moreover, the pads are quite unpleasant to use due to rashes and other unhygienic problems related to it. The affordability linked to its usage duration is proportionate enough to use it with a joyous smile.

If the pads absorb more, the risk of tiny bits of cotton shredding and sticking to the vaginal walls is inevitable. Even, the probability of catching a bacterial infection is on the hike, which can lead to fatal such as Toxic Shock Syndrome. You are immune to this risk if you use menstrual cups and can have a happy time during your periods.

Now, the dizziness during the periods’ need not be increased due to itchiness and the traditional use of sanitary pads. Ditch your uneasiness by opting for a more judicial and user-friendly option which focuses on the comfort of its users.


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