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“It is great to see that short films are being appreciated by Filmfare” – Vikrant Massey

Vikrant Massey, who has played varied parts in Balika Vadhu, Gumrah, Lootera and also Dil Dhadkne Do, shares his experiences, views and ideas of the cinema in a fun conversation with us.

On the difference between working in different platform, Vikrant said, “There is a hell lot of difference in acting in short films, TV and feature films. In terms of giving your output, it’s not like your focus changes according to the type of project you are doing. But when it comes to how these operate is different. Like for example if you are working in TV, you have to go daily and act whereas in films you now there is a particular start and finish.”

Vikrant Messey in Cornetto Advertisement
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About short film culture rising, Vikrant said, “It is great that short films are being appreciated so much today. A platform like Filmfare has given them awards. I believe that it is an amazing initiative. I have produced one short film, have acted in 3 short films till now and a few I am doing. But the only thing is that hardly money is involved. But it is a medium here you can completely express yourself. A writer is free to write, the director is free to direct and express whatever he wants to.”

“I have done television for almost a decade. I am what I am today because of TV. So it would be unfair to pick a favourite. But at the moment, I am enjoying feature films and waiting for my releases,” shared Vikrant when asked to pick a favourite medium.

Vikrant Messey in Lootera
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About the dream roles and what he would never do, Vikrant said, “I am a creative artist. There is nothing that I will never do or anything. I want to explore as much as I can. There are some characters I want to do or directors I really want to work with. There are a couple of dream roles I have. Like I love Irrfan’s character in Maqbool, Shah Rukh Khan in Swades and Chak De India and also Saif’s role in Omkara. I hope I get to do some roles like these.”

Sharing about his background and how he got into acting, he said, “I am a hardcore Mumbaikar. My school is just behind my place, I used to do plays and all and one day I acting just happen. Though I don’t belong to a filmy family, I was a dancer at Shaimak’s dance academy. And then it coincidently happened.”

“I worked in this film called The Death in the Gunj, which is Konkana’s directorial debut and is set to release in the first quarter of the year. It was amazing and interesting. It has been appreciated at different film festivals. I can really relate myself to the character of The Death in the Gunj. I have been there, I have been bullied, have had it’s after effects and it is not a good space to be. Unfortunately, in today’s time, it is only getting worse. In this way we are somehow are trying to reach out on this issue,” shared Vikrant about his much awaited upcoming movie called the Death in the Gunj

Vikrant Messey in The Death of the Gunj
Source: Indian Express

Having worked with some of the finest directors of the industry, Vikrant said, “I sometimes can’t sink in that I have worked with these people. Vikram Aditya Motwane and Zoya are like the dream directors. My favourite co-star is Ranveer Shorey from The Death in the Gunj. I also love Ranveer Singh as well. I have done two films with him. He is one of the finest actors, who works really hard and is dedicated. And Kalki is another one from The Death in the Gunj.”

Vikrant has mostly done a lot of the so-called “dark” roles in movies except Dil Dhadakne Do, on the same note, he said, “We call it dark and intense characters but if you actually see, it is nothing other than reality. We have just named it “dark” reality but in a way, it is just reality.”

“Other than The Death in the Gunj, I have Lipstick Under My Burkha and Half girlfriend coming up this year. And as I mentioned earlier I have a few short films coming up as well. So, I am looking forward to this year,” said Vikrant while signing off.

We are looking forward to all his upcoming films and wish Vikrant a great year ahead.

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