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Political Parties Unmasked In India

Indian television industry will fail in front of the Maharashtra Government Formation (MGF) series which have been running in the state for the past two months. The TRP rate for this ‘show’ seems to be too high that the director and producer of the serial MGF seem not to show any chance of ending this shortly.

India has witnessed many political tricks and tactics (dirty politics) since independence; starting from Mahatma Gandhi choosing Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister to the current Maha politics. Though this time it seems to be a long lost serial track which the people are trying to understand.

One thing for sure, we all got to realise from this mellow drama is that no matter what– its all about power, chair and that is called “Rajneeti.” We have seen different faces of all political parties and their members, even the internal fights have now come into the mainstream. The main ‘hero’ of the Maha blockbuster serial is BJP and heroin oh no it is just one ‘heroines’ are Shiv Sena, and NCP and the supporting roles are taken up by Congress.

The BJP and Shiv Sena alliance won the election in Maharastra; however, the greed for power and chair started hindering their alliance which ended up in a split. BJP showed their actual colour by joining with NCP; wherein NCP is known for all the corruption which happened in Maharastra during the tenure of their alliance with Congress. However back in 2014 when BJP was falling short of magic figures, NCP extended support to form a stable government, but Devendra Fadnavis tweeted that he and his party will never ever take support from NCP to form a government. But in the recent fold of events things seems possible now. After the formation of the BJP government in Maharashtra in an alliance with NCP, all the past statement seems like a political gimmick and nothing else. The morality of statements is just part and parcel of power hungriness of political parties and its leaders.

By joining hand with BJP, NCP has now brought the internal clash with Congress into the limelight. On the other hand, Congress showing an interest in an alliance with Shiv Sena merely explains that they are just interested in power and nothing else matters as they have joined hands with a party that firmly believe in Hindu ideology. The mandate which BJP and Shiv Sena received to form the government, was betrayed by Sena, and now they are alleged to be thieves by BJP.

When Shiv Sena breaks a 30-year-old alliance and tries to join hands with its opponents, is it not murdering democracy? But when a big group comes with Ajit Pawar to form a stable government under Fadnavis, then it is called the murder of democracy.

Through this dramas, all that people got to know and understand is that for political parties power matters. No matter what happens, how badly their reputation is tarnished, they all aim for that power and for that they are ready to level down themselves to the dirtiest politics of Indian history.

As the drama has not yet come to the climax, we will have to wait and watch what more turns and twist will be shown, also to what extent each party can get down in the lane of nasty politics.

Kautilya Sharma

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