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Journey Of Devendra Fadnavis As The CM of Maharashtra For 5 Years

Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis a well known Indian politician who is the 18th and obligatory Chief Minister of Maharashtra, in office since October 2014. He took charge as CM of a minority government in Maharashtra. He is known for being corrupt-free, but shield the corruption of his fellow party member.

Achievements he bagged during his tenure:

  • The benefits of Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan (JSA), the much-acclaimed micro-irrigation project launched in 2015, as it’s positive impact is being seen after benefits are visible after five years. Example: After decent rains last year, thanks to JSA, groundwater levels across the state have increased significantly. During last April, the drought-hit region of Marathwada was deployed with 4,640 tankers across 3,586 villages to provide drinking water. While this year, it has come down to 669 tankers for 886 villages. Isn’t it a remarkable reduction of 85%! If you take a closer look at Latur district, which made national headlines after the city had no water and water trains had to brought in. In April 2016, this area required 260 tankers, and this year the number is nil. On the other hand, in Osmanabad, the need has fallen from 373 tankers to just 1. Without proper planning and monitoring, such a complex task wouldn’t have accomplished so well.
  • Furthermore, the government is implementing more than 2,000 automatic weather station across the state for a better forecast of the weather.
  • Maharashtra drew investments to the tune of 15 lakh crores during the Make In India week out of which Maharashtra tops in the conversion of investment securities to reality. Steps taken to ensure the state’s ranking in Ease of Doing Business is going to the peak.
  • More than 5000 CCTV cameras have been installed within Mumbai to ensure public security.
  • The Nagpur-Pune metro will turn out to be the most environment-friendly projects in India, as 65% of the energy will be from solar panels.
  • The Mumbai-Nagpur super expressway, which connects 24 districts of the state is guaranteed with Foreign Investment guaranteed.
  • MahaLabharthi website aimed to provide necessary information to the citizens regarding the various schemes of the government in a personalised manner. This is done to make people aware of the hundreds of welfare schemes put forward by the government.
  • The BJP led Maharashtra government in the first year itself proved to be successful in distributing Rs 4,200 crore towards crop insurance to farmers. While throughout the 15 years of having ruled the state, the Congress-NCP government was only able to distribute a total of Rs 4,700 crore.

If we look into the various projects which are on progress and in the plan such as the Trans-Harbour Link project–India’s largest sea bridge connecting the island city of Mumbai and Raigarh district in the mainland have made Mumbaikar believe in his leadership. Apart from these several schemes like smart city, skill development and many more are just grace marks for his decisive leadership.

Despite all the above achievements, there are various setbacks in his leadership as well.

Let me list down them below:

  • During the Sangli and Kolhapur flood, the government showed very distressful disaster management as help reached people only after four days of the flood. Caste tension in the state has only worsened.
  • To add to this, his home town Nagpur the crime rate and creation of jobs have not shown much improvement. Regarding the farmer’s suicide cases, as per the records of 2018, in Maharashtra alone, more than 60,000 suicides had taken place, with an average of 10 deaths every day.
  • Furthermore, in the name of development, the government under Fadnavis supported the chopping of arrey forest, and his justification was by quoting the words of the Supreme Court. He stated that even the court said the area where the trees are being cut is not a forest. Moreover, he added that the metro project would help to bring down the carbon footprints. If we had to bring it other ways, we would need to plant around two crore tree. However, the people’s protest against this is still going as they believe arrey is the lungs of Mumbai.
  • Even though Devendra Fadnavis is a man free of corruption, his poll affidavit in the election conducted in the year 2014 at the state of Maharastra was questionable. He had to face the court trial for not furnishing the details of two pending criminal cases in his election affidavit of 2014. The two cases of alleged cheating and forgery were filed against Fadnavis in 1996 and 1998, but charges were not framed.

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