Nothing Is Better Than Something

Someone so rightly said, ” A mind is like a parachute; it only works when opened!”

Like every other human being, I was curious about the creation as well. You, me, we all went through the scripts and realised that NOTHING was created first. The human mind cannot contemplate anything, and that is why only nirvana/samadhi are experiences but not theories.

In my facet, I have always believed in letting go. Surrendering and composing yourself is the least and the best you could do. All things and beings got populated within nothing. Everything in this universe is a subset of nothing. The Shiva and the Galactus seem to be such big words so let’s focus on the subtle part.

Nothing allows us to be one. We sometimes open our eyes; how could We keep them shut when We could not sleep? The same darkness broods over us; characterise the same unfathomable black eternity which our thoughts strove against and could not understand. We make the most despairing efforts to find a word blanc characterise this darkness. We feel ourselves on board, drawn through waters, hovering in clouds, and then we realise and hide in nothingness and the calmness.

It offers us a chance to listen quietly rather than showering our own opinions. The patience and the perseverance are above all. Nothing in our mind leaves room for paying attention. The focus, the attention and the strength that is gained is incomparable. Try and learn not only to say but feel nothing. When a wave pushed the boat aside with its power, another wave helped the boat to go through the harsh waters. So it’s always Nothing. The pain, the sorrows are nothing. Spin the wheel and take the decision to be happy. Have the power to turn scars into stars, scares into stairs, opportunities, impossible into possible and nothingness into everything.

There are 7 billion places but nothing like home. 7 billion dishes and nothing like cooked by mum. 7 billion party houses and nothing like sipping coffee and reading your favourite book. Let’s just sit down somewhere, calm ourselves and go into nothingness. Because nothing is better than something.

Please be patient!

Aashna Shah

A 21-year-old Chica who believes in the power of laughter. An ecstatic person who loves to play with words. Travel and food being her life she says be a person with certain set of attitudes.

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