Chai Wala
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Love tea over anything? Then you’ll surely relate to these daily punches which every CHAI lover uses at least once in a while.

What if you wake up one morning and find that there’s no chai left in the house. Would you Drink coffee instead? Noo??? Rather you’ll run to a grocery shop in your pajamas to purchase the same or if that wait is too long then, picking up your keys and heading to a local “tapri” just to get your morning started with the sip of Tea, then trust me you are a loyal, committed and all in genuine relationship with CHAI…Lol, Because CHAI is the answer to all the problems you have in your life.

Jokes apart but chai is some serious business for every Chai lover! Chaiophile, Chaivinist, Chai Enthusiast, Tea Fanatic, Chai Addict, Chai lover, call them anything but they are a different breed altogether.

Robert Godden Rightly Quoted ~ “ At Christmas Tea is compulsory, Relatives are optional”!!! And on this very note, here are some phrases that every person will relate to who have their sincere love for CHAI !!!!

 #1: Itne se mera kya hoga?

Chai Over Anything
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If you are not satisfied with small doses of tea in standard tea cups and assures that you have your CHAI in those big coffee mugs or have two at a time then you are all taken by the TEA Love.

#2: Dinner ke baad chai peene chale?

Tea and Samosa
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Who made that protocol that you can’t have your tea at night? No one right! So there’s no better option to end your day with a cup of tea. But, yes always keep a distance of 1-hour minimum between your tea and till the time you go to bed! (otherwise acidity).

#3: Cold Hua hai? adrak tulsi wali chai peelo!

Tapri Wali Chai
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There’s no better medicine or a cure than a ginger- tulsi tea when you caught a cold. It obviously not only soothes your sour throat but also your heart.

#4: Bahot padh liya, ab 15 min ka tea break lete hai!

News Aur Chai
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No late night group studies are complete without chai and Maggi or anything which goes with chai. But the former option remains same. Chai keeps your sense awaken and your thoughts active.

#5: Headache? Chalo chai peeke aate hai!

Ketli wali chai
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A cure for  “Sar Dard” is always Chai. Researchers revealed that the caffeine present in the tea cures aches and pains and soothes tense and nervous headaches. So whenever you have a headache, don’t forget to have your cup of KADAK CHAI.

#6: Dimaag nahi chal raha yaar… let’s have some tea!

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It not only refreshes you but awakens your tired nerves and makes you revived. The component called theanine is found in tea which has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition, and boost mood and cognitive performance.

#7: Wo udhar college ke side nayi tapri khuli hai… chal waha ki chai peeke aate hai!

Tea Stall
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No college life or bunks would have been complete without the local TEA stalls on every corner. Those chit chats and goofing up with friends over TEA are some of the best moments of every person’s life. Not a single tapri, gumthi or a tea stall, whatever you call it would have been left unexplored if you are a true CHAI lover.

#8: When someone says coffee is better than TEA!

Coffer over Tea
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Oh man, you’re gone. You know you are ready with all your points and facts to argue with any person who pushes you to prefer tea over coffee. I mean why they even try to mess. They have to understand this silly simple fact that “ Chai Is Love”!

#9: Adrak Wali Chai

Chai Cutting
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When everyone orders a caffe, fraffe, cappuccino, latte, iced tea, green tea, ye tea, woh tea in a sophisticated restaurant, But! you don’t care and order your same “doodh cheeni wali adrak ki chai” anywhere anytime.

#10: Chai peeyoge? Why does it have to be a question even?

Keep Calm and Drink Chai
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So all these points are quite relevant and relatable huh?? Yes, for many!! So for all the tea veterans, keep drinking your way to good health! For those that have not yet embraced a tea-drinking habit, it’s never too late to start brewing a batch!