Peace On Me
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Just the way charity begins at home, similarly, Peace begins with You.

War surrounds us, covers us yet hides itself. Wars don’t just happen. They are not like earthquakes or tornadoes not because they can be more destructive but they result from human deliberations and choice. There are ideologies that promote wars. Wars not only destroy lives but also undermine the rule of law and civil liberties, the very institutions that make civilisation possible.
So what can our generation do to protect peace? Learn . Amplify . Organise.


We must educate ourselves and everyone on foreign affairs and learns about the history of military interventions. War is a serious matter and demands our attention to the fact, to the consequences, to the costs and to the effects on life, liberty and happiness.


Sometimes all it takes to induce and encourage people to speak up for peace is for them to hear someone else do it first. Yes, you can be the first person. When you hear someone express support for violence, you make the case for peace. Stand up. Then you’ll generally find that you are not alone and that your voice will be intensified by the collective voice of others who would have otherwise been silent.


You can create a union as Students For Liberty and become active. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s rewarding and you will be able to meet new people who share the same commitment as yours – peace, love and liberty.

Some examples can be –
In October 2012, the Michigan State University College Libertarians created a Civil Liberty Graveyard. While in April 2013, the University of Florida College Libertarians organised an Anti-Drone Week Of Action. It brought together different groups and fought against the vice of violence and war.

The fact is that YOU – the person here who can make a difference. You can join others and actively promote peace. So start on. Each group or each movement was started by someone. Let that someone be YOU.