MS Dhoni: The Captain One Last Time

Occasion: 2011 Cricket World Cup Final

Location: One of the many Hostel Common Rooms in Trichy, Tamil Nadu

I was seated near the television, surrounded by over 100 students in the room, trying really hard to get a peek at the happenings. And the moment when Kohli got out with many more runs to chase, I distinctly remember cursing MS’s decision to move up the order within form Yuvraj still in the dressing room. Oh boy, he did prove me wrong and the many others; he played one of those knocks which made me stand in awe with an equally thumping heart. With every run that he scored and the closer we reached the target, my respect for the man grew in many folds. And it has stayed that way ever since. April 2nd, 2011, when Dhoni smashed the ball into the stadium, I was standing along with my friends, hugging in sheer joy with love for the game. The tears were rolling down my cheek as I spoke to my dad about the victory, and that memory still remains fresh. O captain, my captain, thank you, thank you for that.

I will always remember you as the captain, who took the entire blame when the team failed but walked behind, leaving the limelight for others, when the team won. And the captain, under your watch we did win, and that too convincingly. Indian team under MS won every ICC Trophy there ever was and also climbed to the top in Tests, and stood there for a considerable period of time. Most importantly, MSD, you were not just a great captain but a true leader who would always be remembered for the path-breaking manner in which you led our side.

MS, We will miss you as our captain but would be looking forward to some great performances with your bat. Hoping to see more of your helicopter shots and your epic finishing for India in years to come.
Once again, thank you MSD. Thank you 🙂

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