The Camouflaged Swami

As soon as the clock strikes 10:30, we grab our seats with our favourite pizza and beer. We all become couch potatoes to get completely entertained by our favourite reality show “Big Boss”. We indulge in an inexplicable euphoria to see the activities of our favourite contestants.

The fanatism shown in the captaincy task, the beautiful friendships built-in for convenience or non-convenience, the warmth and grandeur of the Big boss house is hard to be missed.

But nobody in their wildest dreams thought of what happened in this season, BigBoss season 10.

Priyanka Jagga Muise a resident of New Delhi and a marketing recruiter who was pretentious and showed unacceptable pugnacious behaviour. She fired such infuriating and degrading comments that are not only unacceptable on national television but also to the contestants living in the Big Boss house.

Well, our society does not support such things. It is always believed that right things do take place and thus Sultan, Salman Khan, the host of BigBoss season 10 asked her to move out of the house and showed fairness and respect to other contestants.

We were not over with Priyanka yet when Swami Om aka Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji showed a symbalance to Priyanka.

The so called Swami crossed every level of what we call tolerance. He went above the head to entertain people of India and stuck his head in space. For him, entertainment meant crossing the line. He did every prosaic thing.

Ok. So do we really want to watch such acts to get entertained? We, Indians just do not support such acerbic acts. In my facet, these things should never be tolerated! Swami Om not only threw his piss at Bani Judge ( one of the contestants in BB) but also said obnoxious stuff about the girls inside the house.

Nobody could smell a rat until they themselves saw him doing it. He was put behind the bars in the house at the very moment and BB called the guards to drag him out of the house.

In an interview post his coming, he disrespected Salman Khan and called him an ISI agent. He also said, that Salman had been involved in some terrorist activities. He also said that if Salman doesn’t allow him to enter into the finales, he would screw the house and the show. He said he thrashed Salman who forcibly made him eat non-vegetarian food and what not.

Om Swami ji also claims that he was approached by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, out for campaigning.

In my facet, the fake Swami is a whimsical person, who himself doesn’t know that he has burnt his own fingers.
By thinking that his quarrelsome attitude would prove commending, he broke all the limits. He has not only disgusted the show, Salman Khan but the audience as well. He has brought a shame to the Indian society and culture.

Where on one hand we have back of our pure saints, on the other hand we have him, a monkey disguised in orange clothes. He should not be left opened as he is a mad and a fanatic man. He is an eccentric man with very odd habits. He should be left to the audience to decide what should be done.

Till then keep watching BB and support your favourite contestant.

May the best man win!

Support entertainment but not madness.

Aashna Shah

A 21-year-old Chica who believes in the power of laughter. An ecstatic person who loves to play with words. Travel and food being her life she says be a person with certain set of attitudes.

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