Can Technology Bring Revolution In Politics Too?

In the last two to three decades, technology developed very rapidly. In the early 90s, it was hard for people to think that there will be a device which will connect them to the whole world. Moreover, they will be able to carry it in their pockets. However, now it’s all true, and our mobile phones are not just there to make calls, but it fulfils almost all our technological needs. Not just sticking to mobiles, but overall technology has turned the world upside down.

With the technology being so helpful, we also find so many articles saying how it is not only destroying the environment but also harming us mentally and physically. Now the irony is we read all these articles on the internet. The way technology is influencing every sector, can we find a way for it to enter politics too? No, I do not mean how politicians can use technology to win the elections, but what I mean is, can technology replace our politicians?

Looking for the answer to this question, I found this excellent ted talk by César Hidalgo. In the video, he explains how we can fix our broken democratic system by automating it. It also can replace politicians by empowering citizens to create personalised “Artificial Intelligence” representatives that participate directly in democratic decisions. The idea seems unrealistic right now, but just like the cell phones, this too might come true. Not now, not in the coming few years, but maybe someday we will be able to implement this idea, and that will be a new revolution in democracy.

The idea will not only change the way our political system works but will also restore people’s faith in democracy. Since they will be participating in the whole process rather than just selecting the representatives and that will be better than ever.

Don’t forget to listen to the whole idea in the video above. Let’s us see what new upcoming technological era have for us.

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