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Know here: All about AAP’s Sandeep Kumar’s Sex Scandal

Seems like politicians being involved in sex scandals is no longer surprising. The personal illicit affair may not be anyone’s business but when a public servant is involved then of course it is. Those people facing allegations of corruption, rape, murder and other charges are made ministers. A conscious voter would never like it, whether he is from the lower echelon or from the elite class of the society. The same consciousness of the voters handed AAP a massive victory in Delhi.

On Wednesday the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal sacked Sandeep Kumar who was AAP’s cabinet minister upon receiving the ‘objectionable sex’ CD. The action was taken against him by Kejriwal in about 30 minutes after the news came forward.

“Received ‘objectionable’ CD of minister Sandeep Kr. AAP stands for propriety in public life. That can’t be compromised. Removing him from Cabinet with immediate effect,” Kejriwal tweeted.

The 9 minute CD showcases the minister in a ‘compromising position’ with two women, alongside consisting of 11 obnoxious photographs.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday night addressed the media, stating that the party will not go easy when it comes to such issues. I would like to reiterate that the Aam Aadmi Party is a party of principles. With respect to issues of corruption, crime, and character, the AAP will not tolerate any kind of taint. We work on a policy of zero tolerance,” Ministers found taking bribes were removed immediately as soon as it was found. Action will be taken swiftly against any member irrespective of status or position,” he said

Is AAP no different despite claiming to be?

Source: India Against Corruption
Source: India Against Corruption

To start with, was AAP not formed to become like others? Was it not formed to make the change happen? Why following the same setup now by claiming that such consensual practices have been taking place in other parties too? Can anyone make a mockery of the law & public-sentiments like this? Many other instances have been taking place where no longer the morality is intact within the party of what poll promises Kejriwal had made after coming into power.

Arvind Kejriwal owes quite an explanation because just officially declaring the minister’s action as “galat harkat” and then expelling him as said in the video is not going to do. These cabinets were been chosen by the people and thus the news must be clyster clear.

Despite the fact that though Kejriwal is not to be blamed for filling up of immoral cabinets because the aftermath would be unknown as to what events would occur ahead of time, then why was the statement made that he could read people’s forehead before taking them in as minister? Is it not a duty to ensure as to what cooks within the party every now and then?

Questions are been raised against the Delhi Government as it was the 3rd incident in the last 19 months of AAP ruled Delhi. Prior to this was the food and environment minister Asim Ahmed Khan being sacked for allegedly demanding a bribe of 6 lakh from a builder. Next up was the law minister Jitendra Singh Tomar who was been accused of faking his college degrees.

And the questions still remain you see: How did the sting operation happen? Was it planned and executed by someone within the party?

On the other hand Sandeep Kumar plays his Dalit card:

Source: Indian Express
Source: Indian Express

Sandeep Kumar on Thursday took to his twitter saying that he was being targeted under a “conspiracy” who was bearing the brunt of being a Dalit, demanding a probe.

He said “I have been resigned on basis of morality. I was a soldier of AAP earlier and now also I won’t let the party be defamed”.

Sandeep Kumar on March 8, 2015 (International Women’s Day) made a statement saying that he ‘touches his wife’s feet every morning’ a statement that has now taken a completely different connotation. He touches his wife’s feet at home and then goes around having physical relations with other women? Are the leaders not supposed to be role models for the youth? But, what a sigh! Sandeep’s actions were sending out a very wrong message to the society. Sandeep is seen with two different women in the CD. The minister has given a totally wrong meaning to “women’s welfare”.

This issue is about honesty. How can he be entrusted with public money and faith? The reason why it is a headline is because the people from Aam Aadmi Party were supposed to be “exceptional” Aadmi’s. But not anymore, it looks like they are just like any other “aam” aadmi. After all, a leader is supposed to set good morals and values for the rest of the society and that is why they need to be more careful before doing something immoral and naive. In Sandeep Kumar’s case, he was serving as a minister of SC/ST Welfare and Women and Child Welfare. When this man can’t respect the welfare of his own wife and family at home and goes around cheating on his wife as seen in the video, then you can’t really expect this man to work towards the welfare of other women in society with sincerity

It was a Consensual Sex claims Ashutosh a journalist turned Politician of AAP:

Source: Google
Source: Google

The Sex Was Consensual, Private Act. TV editors are indulging in bigger stupidity – writes Ashutosh on a blog. Ashutosh represents AAP and according to the party’s standards which they practice doesn’t consent with him. If not then why would he be sacked?Ashutosh has come forward defending AAP and saying AAP does the right thing. But does it not look like Sandeep Kumar played his political card by saying these things:

1. He is NOT the man in the video.

2. He had himself resigned and was not expelled as said by Kejriwal in the video.

3. He was framed for being a Dalit.

So was Ashutosh present there to say it was consensual when your party man claims that he wasn’t in the video? How is it that a common man will accept this wrongdoing as an agreeable act?

The guilty been arrested and charged for rape:

Source: DailyMail
Source: DailyMail

On Saturday morning Sandeep Kumar was been suspended from the party’s primary membership, after being sacked earlier this week over the sex scandal.

By afternoon a case was been booked against the minister by the woman in the tape at Sultanpuri police station, she has told the police that “she visited him as he had assured to get her ration card done. The incident took place last year after Sandeep Kumar became the minister and the video was made without her knowledge after being offered a cold drink which was spiked and thus been forced upon by him”. Meanwhile, the woman was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital for a medical test.

Sandeep Kumar was thus arrested at night hours after the police complaint was lodged. Confirming Kumar’s arrest, Deputy commissioner of police Vikramjit Singh said: “A case under sections 376 (rape) and 328 (poisoning) of the Indian Penal Code, section 67A of the IT Act and section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act has been registered at Sultanpuri police station

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