We missed you, CID. At least I did

A month ago, an apocalyptic event seemed to have been upon us when on another one of those sombre weekends, Sony didn’t bother to broadcast CID and instead decided that Kapil’s banal shenanigans would be the perfect substitute to the pure joy that one of the longest running shows on Indian television or as a matter of fact, anywhere in the world, gives us. It vexed me being witness to the inevitable demise of such greatness.

I can’t quite describe how sad I felt when the realization of not being lucky enough to watch pure theatrical finesse, perplexing mysteries are woven around the premise of obviously bizarre murders, and the cult of personality that is the fabulous ACP Pradyuman dawned upon me.

What life looks like without CID. Source: Google
What life looks like without CID. Source: Google

The sorrow was unbearable, akin to a gorilla crushing my gonads in its mighty grip while having my mouth duct taped. Life had turned into a black and white movie made worse by senseless debate shows on news channels, the sort of excuses for comedy shows that would turn Dalai Lama into a misanthrope and the intellectually denigrating daily soaps wasting screen time and oxygen in equal measure.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Some people might argue that CID is guilty of doing that for 19 years but seriously, you can’t even juxtapose its awesomeness with shows that come and go. CID is one of its kind.

Of course, it’s an Indian take on popular American show “Law & Order” so it can’t claim to be a pioneer but surely it’s the kind of show you can’t really shoehorn into a particular genre.

I mean come on, where will you fit in a show that mashes up aliens, vampires, Daya’s suave lady killing abilities and action-packed punts to the door and Abhijeet’s love triangle with an awkwardly tall girl who probably inspired Taher Shah’s hairdo? Exactly.

You know a show is indeed something else when they show someone hatching up the elaborate plan of murdering people by wielding a few test tubes and letting the fumes form clouds that lead to a downpour of acid rain.

What about Pradyuman being able to immediately figure out that the password of a digital safety vault is “1,2,3,4,5,6..”? You can’t really match that. Nothing can, in all fairness.

Good news is that CID is back on television with its main trio of Pradyuman, Abhijeet and Daya nitpicking their brains and also ravaging ours in the process, defecating on logic and sequence to solve murder mysteries perpetuated by shoddy villains, one of whom was also a horrid impression of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

In all seriousness, though, CID is sort of like Kanti Shah’s Gunda; the very fact that it is so absurdly ghastly is what makes it so entertaining to watch. CID is indeed the truest optimisation of the most improbable hyperboles coming together to create something magnificent.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

For those who may have the gall to question the fabulousness of CID.

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