Africa – The New Fashion Hub

You know what speaks to this generation? The pride of belonging to your own culture and ethnicity. Flaunting your roots with confidence is the new cool. And what is a better way to do that than let your fashion speak for it!

Maybe this is the reason why Africa is seen as the new, fast emerging fashion market. If you think that there is nothing original left in the fashion world, get your facts straight, because Africa has it all.

Only recently have the news portals started noticing and writing about the blast there is in the African market. A buzz has been created among the fashion labels that reverberates the African prints. Be it clothes, bags, shoes or funky hair-dos, African style is leaving it prints everywhere.

For me, the enchantment behind the growing African trends lies in the fact that its culture has been mysteriously hidden from the mundane world for so long.

Check out this enthralling picture from the African Fashion Week!

Africa Fashion Week
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And these beautiful, handmade, recycled bangles made in Mali.

Africa Fashion Week
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It has been widely predicted that African market will grow wildly and dislocate the market with the talent the world hasn’t fathomed yet.

It is not just the culture and talent that is favour of African fashion world. The economy is steadily growing, giving space to innovation and buzzing developments. And when it comes to brands, Africa sure has many unheard stories.

So what is going to be the next African item in your wardrobe?

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