Knock Knock — You Have A Postal

Cher Ami (French for “dear friend”, in the masculine) was a female homing pigeon who had been bestowed by the pigeon fanciers of Britain for use by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France while World War I. It had been trained by American pigeoners. The world postal service has moved from pigeon post to ‘Dakia’ and now to the modern instant messages.

Now you might be thinking why I’m saying all this, Well before I answer let me ask you one, How many of you all have ever written a letter? I know you might be thinking in this 21st century who would take the trouble to write a letter? And then, wait till it gets delivered and then wait for a reply when you can send instant messages. Right?. True, why wait? So should the postal services all around the world be closed?

For the time being, let’s put aside about the world and think of India. Why is this service still functioning? Well, the need and relevance of India Post in our lives begins from the unique service it provides to the citizens of India.

Wide Reach

India Postal service is the most widely distributed postal system in the world with more than 154939 post offices. That is twice the extent of all the banks in India put together! 89.96% of the post offices are located in remote areas.

Role of Indian Postal Service

The Postal service plays an essential role in India’s socio-economic development. It is the government’s agent for providing last-mile delivery of government schemes to the poor. It includes providing banking services at the doorstep and the direct transfer of benefits through the India Post Payments Bank and many more.

Most services such as post or parcel delivery, money transfer, insurance and others are designed keeping in mind the affordability of a common man.

Over 150+ years of dedicated services with more than four lakh employees have earned the trust of millions of people residing in India. Even now, most of the government bank documents, college documents, pension schemes offered by government and many more such documents are sent via postal.

Postal service has more of an emotional connection to the people of India. Even when technology has become super fast, if you ask your grandparents, they will have millions of stories to share regarding the same.

How can anyone forget the song from the movie “Borderसंदेशे आते है, हमें तड़पाते है, तो चिट्ठी आती है, वो पूछे जाती है, के घर कब आओगे…Do you think modern technologies and instant messages would have been able to bring such an emotional touch to this song?

On this occasion of World Post Day, let’s all salute the commitment of the people working in postal services around the world.


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