Bedtime Stories Are Live In Big Boss

While surfing through the twitter, I happen to come across this hashtag #BanBigBoss, and my thoughts were like, Now what? It is not something new; this show aired in Colors TV has created controversy in every season. Starting from the first season of Big Boss to the current hosting 13th season, the violence, fights, quarrels obscenity everything has gone up by the passing of each season. That’s where my question comes What now?

Colors TV was one of the respected channels for it had always stood against the evil practices which were followed in the society. Shows like Balika Vadu, Kapil Sharma Show (The Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma), Udaan, Na Aana Is Des Laado and many such shows which enlightened people with beautiful messages. It also showed us the evil side of certain orthodox practices which are/were followed in India. No doubt, the channel had good TRP as almost all the shows which were aired was warmly welcomed by people.

Then came the show BIG BOSS, launched in the year 2006 with its first season itself was seen as a negative impact on Colors TV. Big Boss in the name of entertainment has been showing all sorts of nonsense to its viewers. It was as if trying to spread a wrong message that being abusive, mannerless, arrogant, vulgar and cheap is something which can earn TRP for the show. This show broadcasts crude moves, nasty fights, racism and even sexuality and whatnot.

A bunch of celebs, ordinary people are put in the show and were allowed to do anything to earn TRP. The personal attack has been like a trademark of this show and the management never interfered or stopped. Claiming itself as an entertainment show, this has turned out to be full package nothing but trash.

This time it seems like the show is seriously going to face some harsh setbacks due to recent episodes. In this season all that viewers got was racism, vulgar moves and personal attacks from each contested and none were ashamed of such behaviour.

Children below the age of 18 should be prohibited from watching this program; Otherwise, their mindset and thought process will be harmed. Everyone understands the meaning of beep. It clearly says that the slang word was used. People use all sorts of slangs and pass a SORRY afterwards. Apologies don’t mean anything if you are not ready to change or do anything about your wrongdoing. If being nasty, obscenity is all that you have to show; then every Indian citizen should boycott this. The government must take action by banning this show being aired.

The journey of Big Boss

We all remember Shipa Shetty winning Celebrity Big Brother a British series (5th season) in the year 2007. Bigg Boss is an Indian reality television game show. A franchise produced by EndemolShine India through Viacom 18 and Colors. Later this was franchised to 7 different states in 7 different languages. The franchise has extended its presence in Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam as of 2018.

The irony

The fact that this show has been running for the past 13 years is something to be thought about. If there are so many people who hate this show, then how did it last for 13 consecutive seasons? It is a well-known fact that a show without enough viewers won’t be aired. So that means, even while we are complaining about this show, there are still enough viewers.

Its all about the gossip. Currently, gossip is like the foundation of our civilisation. We are knee interested in what our neighbour is doing, rather than minding our own business. So the business of these celebs and non-celebs become a ‘masaledar’ treat for us.

However, this is not what our Indian culture preach about; this is not what our parents have taught; there is nothing like humanity, fun, or ENTERTAINMENT in this show. So why tolerate such absurdness? Just because Salman Khan hosts the show? Oh, please, give me a break… India is well known for its rich culture, in the name of westernisation and TRP don’t tarnish our heritage and richness. Any show for that matter should give out a social message in a positive way. The show, Big Boss, has failed to do so and is also absurd.

Let me leave a few questions for you to think; How did we tolerate this 13 years of absurdness? What message is this show trying to give? Who are all to be blamed and Who are all the viewers? Don’t we have a proper rule to manage these kinds of shows?

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