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Brotherhood: To Save Our Planet

So much of hate in society that even Ram and Ravan would stand together to save the planet. Just think about it? Aren’t we all racing in life nowadays? We are too busy in weaving and attaining our goals that we actually forgot that there is a world beyond our aims. We have become so self-centred that we don’t see anything else other than our own life. The meaning of brotherhood and co-existence is nowhere in the picture.

Born as a human, we are the only creation of God who has the power to think, understand, evaluate, reason and more. Are we actually utilising our power? We are so busy in our life that we have forgotten about the people we are with. Everyone wants to grow, lead and have power than his fellow human being.

What has this world turned into? The stories of brotherhood, love care all seem to be something that only exists in the book now. People, in reality, are fighting with each other in the name of religion, caste, power, and whatnot. We are even ready to put down another person by any means, even to the extent we are ready to kill our fellow human being.

Let me tell you, for the sake of making power, fame, money and whatnot you are ready to do anything, right? But when you die, will this power, fame, money come to save you? This world can be a better place if we love, respect each other. Fights, wars, hatred are never a solution. Moreover, all these negativity in the name of what? Religion? Cast? Racism?. All these factors are human-made. We are humans first, a baby soon after being born is stamped with various invisible yet visible factors.

If we take India, we are said to be a country with Unity In Diversity. How far is this statement true in the modern age? Imagine if our freedom fighter had thought of these ridiculous factors, we would have been slaves even now.

I will state a simple example; we have been facing natural calamities in a different part of India. Did natural disasters affect only one single category? No, it affects everyone equally.

We have better things to worry about, like environment, climate change, planet and many more which are the real factors which we need to worry about. If these aspects are not there, our very own existence will be in danger. Then what is the use of these human-made difference? Brotherhood is all we need to make a change.

Imagine a virus breaks out, apocalypse, climate change, natural calamities–do these happen to only a specific category of people? Or does it say ok we shall keep aside these categories of people as they fall under some particular category? It affects everyone equally; there is no reservation quota for nature. So why do we fight? All this world need is love, brotherhood, unity. Better understand this simple fact now, or you won’t even have time to regret later.

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