My Joey and Ross- The Unforgettable Bond

If you have seen the sitcom friends, you know what this article is about, everyone of us has friends in our life that enter in our life like a breath of fresh air and suddenly all our problems and sorrows are gone. I met two such friends when I joined my news school.

Someone wisely said, Let today be the start of something new.

With that thought in my mind and millions of memories of my old self and friends to keep me company, I stepped into the corridors of my new school. Being a new admission is pretty hard, but I fitted perfectly in the definition of how a typical student should be on her first day. The smell of my new books, crisp and clean uniform, black Bata shoes and a Tiffin full of delicious food sprinkled with my mother’s love. What wasn’t the same was my heart full of grief and sorrow. I had major regrets for the first few months, for bringing myself so far from my natural habitat.

One universe, trillions of planets,1 Earth, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and I had the privilege to finally meet my Joey and Ross.

While we three tried to strike awkward conversations about our mutual hate towards Calculus, I experienced the inevitable bond we shared, something which I had never felt before. These strangers soon became the best of my friends. They were the ones I had my trips to the school ground with, the memorable adventures, the ones who made my 18th birthday special, who taught me math better than our math teacher, my partners in crime. They were with me when I was in turmoil. Their advice ranged from which picture to upload on Instagram to my never ending love issues.

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Ankita Joshi | Source: NewsAurChai Media

They shaped the person I am today, the mixture of them both. From getting their handkerchiefs wet by wiping my tears to filling our hungry bellies with the 50 bucks in our pockets, they gave a different meaning to my life. On the days when I lost my sense of judgment, they fixed me and made me smile when I didn’t even want to.

On the other days we lost our minds together and had fun of our lives or ended up making bad decisions which will become a memory to learn from when we grow old. I know I can be myself without being judged because they love me for who I am not for what I want to be.

They taught me that a bag of chips combined with the repeat telecast of El Classico is all you need to fix bad days!

I may not seem so dear anymore. Maybe it’s because of the transition of school life to college life or could also be the geographical distance between us. But a part of me cries when I do not talk to them. Distance is a funny thing; it creeps up without a warning. This may sound like a lie, but I am sorry for the unintentional pain I gave them. We are going through the toughest phase of our friendship. We have had fights and misunderstandings of course, but that makes our bond stronger. A cold shoulder from one of my boys feels much worse than heartbreak. But our friendship is much stronger than any fight.

Thank you for taking away my bad days in exchange of laughter.

People may come and go but both of them will always be mine forever.

Ankita Joshi

I am ambitious, cheerful, spontaneous and creative. My greatest strength is my ability to learn things quickly and my positive attitude, even during the hardest of times.

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